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Firehose data visualization

An enterprise-grade, live data feed of global aircraft positions and flight status.

Product Overview

  • The world’s most comprehensive global flight tracking and flight status data including over oceans, polar regions, deserts and other remote areas
  • Surface movement data available at thousands of airports
  • Intended for enterprise integrations (consider FlightXML for smaller implementations)
  • Robust developer documentation, implementation examples, and first-class support
  • High availability SLA options
  • Customizable data solutions that best fit your needs including predictive data from FlightAware Foresight™

Enhance and optimize aircraft, airport, or airspace operations with in-depth, real-time flight data.

FlightAware’s Firehose is a TCP-based, SSL streaming data feed of flight positions and flight status processed by FlightAware. Every Firehose connection includes airborne or surface position data from FlightAware’s terrestrial network of ADS-B receivers. Positions from Aireon’s space-based ADS-B network, datalink/ACARS providers and RADAR may be included as additional data layers. FLIFO data, Predicted ETAs, Block Events, Extended Flight Info, and weather/extended Mode S/FMS data are also available.

  • Airborne positions
  • Surface positions
  • Flight status, flight plans, and schedules
  • Airborne weather
  • Autopilot settings
  • Historical data (with replay capability)
  • FlightAware Foresight

FlightAware’s Firehose is powered by HyperFeed®, a machine learning and rules engine that uses thousands of proprietary models and algorithms to compile, evaluate and aggregate over 10,000 aircraft positions per second. HyperFeed fuses data from radar, terrestrial ADS-B, Mode S multilateration (MLAT), datalink and Aireon space-based ADS-B to deliver the highest quality, truly global flight tracking data.

The FlightAware Flight ID is a unique identifier that stays constant throughout the entire flight. Hyperfeed does all the work of associating all relevant flight data with this id, across all of our data sources, no matter if it is reported using a flight’s registration, callsign, or transponder hex identifier.

Example Use Cases


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