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Google's solar plane crashed earlier this month in New Mexico

According to Bloomberg Business, the National Transportation Safety Board is investigating an incident wherein Google's solar-powered Solara 50 plane reportedly crashed shortly after takeoff. The event occurred on May 1st at a private airfield outside of Albuquerque and no injuries were reported. (www.engadget.com) More...

Flughafen Tempelhof: Inside Berlin's Abandoned Downtown Airport

An inside look at Berlin's abandoned downtown airport which was the focal point of the Berlin Airlift. (wp.me) More...

Passenger Plane In Drone Near-Miss On Approach Into LaGuardia

A passenger jet nearly hit a drone as it made its final approach into New York City's LaGuardia Airport Friday morning. According to FAA officials, Shuttle America Flight 2708 climbed 200 feet at around 11 a.m (www.google.com) More...

A320 U.S. assembly to begin this summer

Airbus' U.S manufacturing facility in Mobile, Alabama, is on schedule to begin production of Airbus A320 family aircraft this summer as the large aircraft components for the first U.S.-produced aircraft today departed from the port in Hamburg, Germany. (www.aviationanalysis.net) More...

The teenager who flew to Moscow

28 years ago, on the 28th May 1987, a 19-year old German flew a Cessna 172 to Moscow. He appeared on the Soviet Air Defence radar. He did not reply to any attempts to contact and three military divisions with surface-to-air missiles began to track him. The military went into alert and two fighter jets were scrambled to investigate. He landed on a bridge near the St. Basil’s Cathedral, and taxied past the cathedral and into the Red Square. (fearoflanding.com) More...

Air NZ to begin new Texas service from December 15 2015

Well finally the kiwi airline Air NZ has the go ahead to fly to Houston, Texas beginning December this year. They will be using the 777-200 aircraft for this route and not the 787-919's. tickets have being reduced to $999.00 NZ. Air NZ CEO Chris Luxton says until we get a few more of the 787-919 being delivered into the fleet this year the Boeing 777's are economical for the long haul flights (www.nzherald.co.nz) More...

Islamic State seizes control of airport in Sirte, Libya

The Islamic State jihadist group has seized control of the airport in the city of Sirte after forces of a Tripoli-based Libyan government withdrew, a spokesman said Friday. (news.yahoo.com) More...

Toddler Kicked Off Flight for Making Staff Feel 'Unsafe'

Sarah Blackwood says her 23-month-old son was "grumpy" when she boarded a flight from San Francisco to Vancouver on Wednesday night—but not grumpy enough to endanger aviation. Blackwood, a singer in Canadian band Walk Off the Earth, tells the Hamilton Spectator that she was kicked off United Airlines Flight 6223 after the toddler kept "crying really loud and squirming" and a flight attendant told her she had to control her child. (www.newser.com) More...

Incident: Avianca B787 near Sao Paulo on May 28th 2015, engine trouble

An Avianca Boeing 787-800, registration N780AV performing flight AV-85 (dep May 27th) from Bogota (Colombia to Sao Paulo Guarulhos,SP (Brazil) with 238 passengers and 10 crew, was descending towards Sao Paulo when the crew reported problems with one of the engines (Trent 1000). The aircraft continued for a safe landing on Guarulhos' runway 09R. (avherald.com) More...

Airbus unveils first H160 helicopter prototype

Airbus Helicopters today unveiled the first prototype of its next generation H160 medium class helicopter in the presence of French Prime Minister Manuel Valls. (www.aviationanalysis.net) More...

Airplane window pane comes off while man films flight takeoff

Eduardo Caram tried to attach a GoPro—a lightweight, mountable camera mainly used for filming extreme stunts—to an aircraft window to film a point-of-view of take off outside his window when the entire plastic pane and frame came off in (www.foxnews.com) More...

Hawker 800 Crash after Interception from Colombia Air Force

An unidentified Hawker 800 jet crashed into the waters off Puerto Colombia, Colombia after being intercepted by a Colombian Air Force plane after illegally flying into Colombian airspace. The aircraft departed had from Venezuela and was bound for Central America. Video footage released by the Colombian Air Force show the Hawker's nr.2 engine on fire as it descended over sea. The aircraft impacted the water and broke up. At the scene of the crash a still undetermined number of packages were… (www.aviation-safety.net) More...

Singapore Has the Most Beautiful Airport in the World

Changi Airport in Singapore has kept the title of World’s Best Airport for three years in a row, thanks in part to its numerous entertainment and leisure options, hundreds of shopping and dining outlets, and plenty of kid-friendly activities. But one other thing makes their terminals stand out from the competition: the gardens. (mentalfloss.com) More...


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