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British Airways Begins Daily A380 Service to Boston Logan - Windy Whale Makes Beantown Debut

British Airways has served Logan with 777s, 747s, and 787s, but today was the first day scheduled A380 service started, with "Speedbird 213 Super" doing the honors. Go to 8:55 for the touchdown, this is shaky, someone forgot their tripod, better images for the taxi portion. We're all excited in Boston to have BA, EK, and eventually LH come in with 380s; the team has built a whole new terminal wing just for this on the Northwest side of Terminal E. (www.youtube.com) More...

Honda faces long haul to recoup jet costs

After three decades building an airplane from scratch, Michimasa Fujino, 56, chief engineer of the Hondajet, might have to reach a ripe old age to see Honda Motor Co's pet aviation project recoup its development costs. (www.yahoo.com) More...

Elevator Malfunctions In MD-83’s Rejected Takeoff

This was a pretty quick investigation for an initial finding. From the article: Ameristar Jet Charter pilots attempting to takeoff from Runway 23L at the Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti, Michigan, on March 8, were not able to lift the nose of the aircraft at the 152-kt. takeoff speed due to a jammed right elevator. (I think this link shouldn't be subscription only). (aviationweek.com) More...

US Diplomat Was Investigated for Spying as a Kid Because He Kept Writing Boeing Asking for Photos

By most standards, Robert F. Dorr lived the most all-American, patriotic life anyone possibly could. He served in the Air Force, he was a diplomat with the State Department from the 1960s to the 1980s, and he went on to be a successful author and TV pundit about military affairs. But as a teenager, Dorr was investigated by the FBI for potential espionage. His crime? He kept writing to Boeing asking for photos of their planes. (paleofuture.gizmodo.com) More...

Emirates Airline launches new A380 destinations in 3 continents on same day

Emirates Airline, the world’s largest operator of A380s, today celebrated the launch of three A380 destinations, bringing its flagship three-class double-decker aircraft from Dubai to Tokyo- Narita, Casablanca and Sao Paulo on the same day... (www.aviationfigures.com) More...

Air Canada flight forced to return to Montreal because of engine trouble

An Air Canada flight that took off from Montreal-Trudeau airport en route to Shanghai Saturday was forced to return to the airport shortly after takeoff. The plane had engine problems and was forced to dump fuel over the Laurentians before landing safely. The aircraft, a Boeing 787 with 213 passengers on board, had to unload some of its fuel over the Laurentians to land safely... (www.aviationfigures.com) More...

Incident: Norwegian B737 at Milwaukee on Mar 23rd 2017, rejected takeoff on ATC instruction

A Norwegian Air Shuttle Boeing 737-800, registration LN-NGZ performing flight DY-9856 from Milwaukee,WI (USA) to Cancun (Mexico), had been cleared for takeoff from runway 19R and was accelerating for takeoff about 55 seconds after the takeoff clearance when ATC called "Stop!" (avherald.com) More...


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