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CSeries Proposal from Airbus - Spirit Airlines Mulls Adding Smaller Jets to All-Airbus Fleet

Spirit Airlines Inc. is considering adding smaller planes to its fleet of Airbus SE jets as the carrier looks for ways to expand its service. (www.fliegerfaust.com) More...

Hawaiian publishes new Airbus A321neo routes

Hawaiian Airlines is expanding Airbus A321 coverage as more aircraft are delivered. According to Airline Route, the carrier will start the following new routes with the new type: (worldairlinenews.com) More...

U.S. FAA orders engine inspections after Southwest explosion

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration said on Wednesday it would order inspection of some 220 jet engines after investigators said a broken fan blade touched off an engine explosion on a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 flight, shattering a window and killing a passenger. (uk.reuters.com) More...

What we know so far about the Southwest incident

Philadelphia - A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 was forced to make an emergency landing in Philadelphia on April 17 after one of its engines had been severely damaged following the loss of a fan blade. (airlinerwatch.com) More...

SWA1380 ADS-B Data

Here is the ADS-B data from Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 (SWA1380) (flightaware.com) More...

NTSB conducted 2016 probe of same engine model as Southwest incident

The National Transportation Safety Board said in a tweet it was sending a team to investigate. The NTSB investigates the most serious engine failures and conducted a probe of a similar Southwest incident in 2016 involving the same type of engine. In that incident, a fan blade snapped off a Southwest 737-700 engine mid-flight (www.mysanantonio.com) More...

It would be the world’s largest airplane. It’s being built by a billionaire. And it’s getting ready to fly.

COLORADO SPRINGS — The massive airplane that Paul Allen’s aerospace company has been building in the California desert could fly for the first time as soon as this summer, officials said. (www.msn.com) More...

Norwegian Air Shuttle shifts orders for Boeing 787 Dreamliners to Chinese leasing giant

Low cost airline Norwegian Air Shuttle has quietly shuffled orders for six Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners to Chinese airplane leasing giant BOC Aviation. (www.bizjournals.com) More...


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