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(Video) The Little Brother | Cirrus SR22 | Emirates

Cute video about the SR22 joining the training fleet for Emirates (www.youtube.com) More...

A new record from Airbus: 1109 orders and 718 deliveries in 2017

Toulouse - In 2017, Airbus registered 1109 net orders from 44 customers, and delivered 718 aircraft to 85 clients across the world. 4% higher than the previous year. (airlinerwatch.com) More...

Boeing's 'Son of Blackbird' hypersonic strike aircraft could go five times the speed of sound

Boeing has finally unveiled a successor to the legendary Blackbird SR-71 spy plane, capable of travelling at five times the speed of sound. (www.foxnews.com) More...

Rolls-Royce sets up new jet engine testbed at the Alliance Airport in Texas

Rolls-Royce Holdings plc has recently leased the entire 440,000 square feet of the former Texas Aero Engine Services LLC (TAESL) facility to operate a jet engine testbed at the Alliance Airport in Fort Worth, Texas. (www.stattimes.com) More...

RyanAir charges 5£ to put bag in overhead locker

The new fee is supposed to speed up boarding and bring less frustration. (www.theguardian.com) More...

Body found on Honolulu airport runway

Honolulu police are investigating the discovery of a body near a runway at the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport. (www.hawaiinewsnow.com) More...

Spirit Airlines Now Delivers More Flights On Time Than American Or United

The most recent reporting of airline on time performance data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) came with a big surprise: low cost carrier Spirit Airlines has turned into one of the most punctual carriers in the country. (www.forbes.com) More...


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