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British Airways Will Become A Spanish Airline If Brexit Deal Is Not Approved

IAG is reportedly in talks with the Spanish Government to create a contingency plan in the case of a no deal Brexit. This week a 585-page document detailing the proposed course of the split from Europe, however, IAG is planning for a no deal Brexit. As such, the airline parent company which owns Spanish flag carrier Iberia is intending to prove it qualifies as a Spanish Company. While the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of IAG is Britain, there is a case to argue that the group… ( More...

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BOE236 787 drawing a Boeing logo on FlightAware

Check out a Boeing 787 scripting 787 with a logo across the country for the next several hours on a test flight ( More...

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Singapore Airlines Makes U-turn Soon After Take-off From Changi Airport After Pilots Reported a Drop in Cabin Pressure to ATC

ongrats to Sing. Airline with well organised care for passenger while waiting and already a survey to get feedback. 1-0 for SA. AF flight cancellation was much more chaotique and no request for feedback. Well i guess here it is! SINGAPORE (The Straits Times/Asia News Network): A Singapore Airlines flight which left Changi Airport early Monday (Nov 19) morning made a U-turn less than an hour after take-off, after pilots reported a drop in cabin pressure to air traffic controllers. ( More...

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First Airbus A220 for Air Tanzania + Airbus Investing in Mirabel - See The Giraffe!

With pictures and A220 production update. Airbus is investing at their A220 Mirabel factory. Interesting ( More...


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