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Squawks & Headlines ✈ General ✈ Popular (24 hours)

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Huge spelling mistake on Cathay Pacific plane

(CNN) — Sometimes, a massive typo is right in front of your eyes and you can't see it. For Hong Kong-based airline Cathay Pacific, it was between the "i"s -- on the livery of its Boeing 777-367. In a move that's had the Internet asking "WTF?" ("Where's the F?"), photos emerged Wednesday morning appearing to show a plane on the tarmac at Hong Kong airport, proudly emblazoned with the words "CATHAY PACIIC." ( More...

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Video: Maldives' Velana International Airport welcomes the first Airbus A380

Male - Yesterday (18 September), an Airbus A380 from Etihad Airways landed in the Maldives for the first time in history. ( More...

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A Boeing Pilot Flies The Qantas A380 Simulator

To mark the 10th anniversary of the delivery of the first Qantas A380 in September 2008, today’s Throwback Thursday (TBT) features are republished from our November 2008 issue’s indepth coverage of the arrival of the first of the Flying Kangaroo’s super jumbos. ( More...

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Boeing to launch the 797 NMA officially at Paris Air Show in June 2019

Seattle - Dennis Muilenburg, the Boeing boss, revealed nothing new about the Boeing's long-discussed NMA program at Farnborough Airshow this year. But internally, Boeing follows a precise timeline for its New Mid-market Airplane that is unofficially dubbed 797 by the industry. Teams in Seattle are working towards a program launch announcement at the Paris Air Show in June 2019 Jon Ostrower reports ( More...

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Airbus Mobile delivers first biofuel-powered A321 to JetBlue

Airbus sent JetBlue Airways’ latest A321ceo off on its delivery flight Sept. 19 from Mobile, Alabama, with 15.5% renewable jet fuel onboard, continuing a trend the manufacturer started with its Toulouse delivery flights two years ago. ( More...

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American Airlines Is The Latest To Raise Checked-Baggage Fees

Airline travelers should prepare to dig deeper or pack lighter, as many of the biggest U.S. airlines have now raised the price for checking luggage. American Airlines, the largest air carrier by passenger volume, is the latest to do so, announcing Thursday that it will raise fees from $25 to $30 for the first checked bag and from $35 to $40 for the second checked bag each way on flights to and from destinations within the U.S., North America and the Caribbean. The airline will begin charging the… ( More...

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Airbus needs twelve months to get the A320neo deliveries back on track

Port Louis - Airbus will need another year to catch up on all A320neo delivery backlogs because of the late deliveries from the engine suppliers. ( More...

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Pilot Beard Ban Debunked

A Canadian study has found that there is no significant difference between the sealing of O2 mask with or without a beard. Time for a policy change? ( More...

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Emirates Seeks Etihad takeover

A new world’s largest airline may be in the works. Just announced that Emirates is in talks to take over the unprofitable Etihad which would in turn create the world’s largest airline by passenger traffic. ( More...

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Ears, noses bleed as cabin pressure drops on Jet flight Crew Forgot To Put On AC System

Mumbai:In a rare incident, 30 passengers were left with bleeding noses and ears and many of the 171 on board an early morning Jet Airways flight to Jaipur on Thursday experienced excruciating ear ache as the air-conditioning system that maintains the pressure inside the aircraft cabin at comfortable levels remained switched off till a warning sounded at 10,000 feet. Oxygen masks were deployed and the plane landed back at Mumbai airport within 45 minutes of takeoff. “While climbing, the crew… ( More...

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airport closed ,hunreds of people delayed , driver gets a $52 parking ticket

drive leaves rental car at curb to catch his plane he was late for and ends up causing a bomb scare that closed terminal 4 at PHX for more than 5 hrs . Hundreds of people inconvienced , flights cancelled and all drive gets is parking ticket ( More...


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