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Squawks & Headlines ✈ General ✈ Popular (24 hours)

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Breaking: Xiamen Air Boeing 737-800 Skids Off Runway in Manila (+Photos)

A Xiamen Airlines Boeing 737-800 has skidded off the runway at Manila-Ninoy Aquino International Airport. According to local news, weather conditions in the area prevented the aircraft from landing on its first attempt. Flight MF8667 “had descended to FL180 towards Manila. It entered a holding pattern to the north-east of the airport for about 14 minutes before positioning for an approach to runway 24.” “The approach was aborted at 23:40 and the aircraft position for another approach. The… ( More...

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No injuries reported after 2 planes collide at Chicago O'Hare Airport

Two planes collided on the ground at Chicago O’Hare Airport on Wednesday. ( More...

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Dexter, the emotional support peacock United Airlines wouldn't let fly, dies unexpectedly

Dexter, the emotional support peacock who captured the public’s attention when he was denied entry on a United flight earlier this year, died unexpectedly in his “favorite human’s arms,” his owner announced Tuesday. The peacock’s owner, New York City-based artist Ventiko, revealed on an Instagram account specifically created for Dexter that the peafowl died around 1 p.m. on July 22. ( More...

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VIDEO: Runway Incursion: Near-Disaster at Springfield Branson National Airport

On Wednesday June 27, 2018, about 12:51 central daylight time, a runway incursion occurred at Springfield-Branson National Airport, Springfield, Missouri when an airport operations vehicle ("VAN 7") crossed runway 14 while an Embraer 145, operated by Envoy Air as flight ENY 3660, was on its takeoff roll with 57 passengers aboard. This video reveals the circumstances surrounding the incursion, and the audio (courtesy of appears to unambiguously pin this incident squarely on… ( More...

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California Pacific Airlines Starts Service on November 1st

Following a delay due to issues with lease and environmental review applications with San Diego County, California Pacific Airlines is officially scheduled to begin service out of Carlsbad on November 1, 2018. The airline appears to be putting priority emphasis on routes to Phoenix and San Jose first for business travelers while additional routes to Las Vegas, Oakland and Cabo San Lucas planned for roll-out in May 2019. San Diego County hopes to see success with both California Pacific as well… ( More...

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PICTURE: Airbus prepares to fly first ACJ320neo

Airbus has unveiled the first corporate version of its re-engined A320neo, which is due to be delivered to operator Acropolis Aviation. ( More...

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Air Force 1 refurbished

The big question since February has been, how is that $1.4 billion being calculated? Here, at last, is the Air Force’s answer. ( More...

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A koala became an unlikely plane passenger this week on board an Eurowings flight from Dusseldorf to Edinburgh

Tanami was travelling 700 miles from Duisburg Zoo in Dusseldorf, Germany to Scotland to join Edinburgh Zoo. ( More...


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