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This is a nightmare’: A woman fell asleep mid-flight and woke up trapped in a dark plane alone

When Tiffani O’Brien opened her eyes, she was still in the same place she fell asleep — strapped into her seat aboard an Air Canada flight bound for Toronto. Only, something wasn’t right. The entire plane was empty, O’Brien wrote in a Facebook post shared last week by her friend on her behalf. She was “freezing cold” and sitting in “complete darkness.” It was around midnight and her flight, which left Quebec City that evening, had landed hours earlier. ( More...

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Airbus Forecasts Need For 7000 A220’s In The Next 20 Years

Airbus has made a mammoth prediction that the global market will need over 7,000 Airbus A220 regional aircraft across the next 20 years. ( More...

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Two Eurofighter Typhoons collide during exercise in Germany

Two fighter jets collided during an exercise over northeastern Germany on Monday afternoon. One of two pilots who ejected survived and one died. See also (German language): ( More...

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Swiss climbers who landed plane on Mont Blanc risk fine of . . . €38 - The Local

Swiss climbers who landed plane on Mont Blanc risk fine of . . . €38 - The Local ( More...

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Airlines Are Avoiding Iranian Airspace: Everything You Need To Know

International airlines are actively avoiding Iranian airspace following the recent downing of a US drone in the area. ( More...

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Iran shot down a Navy Grumman RF-4 drone

The RQ-4 is slow and has no countermeasures to protect itself so if it goes inside enemy airspace just a couple of miles it is dead meat. What was the rationiale by DOD, USAF and Navy to spend billions on something that can´t gather intel beyond a mere 50-80 nautical miles. SEVEN DECADES AGO the Soviet Union had already developed SAM missiles capable to shoot down anything above FL 50K: on May Day 1960 Gary Powers' U2 was shot down deep inside Russian airspace. Two years later Maj. Rudolph… ( More...

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Why Ryanair Is Charging More For Baggage Than Some Passenger Tickets

Ryanair is charging more to carry luggage than for flight tickets themselves ( More...

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Lockheed Martin unveils plans for quiet supersonic passenger airplane

It's still at the conceptual stage, but a new supersonic airplane design unveiled this week by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics could be the clearest indication yet that we're on the brink of a new golden age of super-fast air travel. The Quiet Supersonic Technology Airliner, a sleek twin-engined jet plane that will carry up to 40 passengers at speeds of Mach 1.8, was revealed on Wednesday at an American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics conference in Dallas. Though still a ways off… ( More...

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Bombardier sells regional jet program to Misubishi

Bombardier Inc. announced Tuesday a deal to sell its regional jet program to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. for US$550 million. ( More...


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