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United just hit another major milestone in its Polaris retrofit program
United’s top-notch Polaris business-class pods have made their way to another batch of aircraft. In a few short weeks, every Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner will be outfitted with Uni (More)
Thousands Of Passengers Could Be Banned From Flying And Fined For Not Wearing Masks
The Federal Aviation Administration disclosed some figures on Monday about unruly (read: shitty) passengers who made their fellow travelers’ lives a little bit harder because t (More)
Personal Diversion Lands Air Force Pilot In Hot Water
A Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) pilot checked in on time for his flight but will carry a stain on his record for the expense and disruption it caused. Capt. Nathaniel D’Arcy (More)
MH370 pilot 'made many turns to avoid detection' before jet vanished
The pilot of flight MH370 that disappeared seven years ago made numerous turns to avoid detection before the passenger jet took its final, fatal course, a new study found. M (More)


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