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Severe storms prompt ground stop at Chicagos O'Hare Airport, evacuation of control tower

Severe weather ripped through Chicago on Monday, causing more than 300 flights to be canceled and prompting a ground stop at O'Hare International Airport, according to reports. A total of 336 flights were canceled at O'Hare as of 12:16 a.m. local time, with delays averaging 38 minutes, the Chicago Department of Transportation said. The threat of a possible tornado also led to the evacuation of the airport's traffic control tower, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. ( More...

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When you are having dinner on a patio and you see an AA 787 landing in Indianapolis -- you know Chicago is not having a good day.
Robert Cowling 2
It was bad. There were reportedly three possible tornadoes in that area. Yikes!
bentwing60 1
Dear crowd,

Come to Tornado alley in the spring time and tell all the old 'freight dogs' about weather! ADS based for my freight days in Lr20 series and DA20's and a 'significant weather event' occurred about every 4 days. Cold front, squall line, occluded front or retreating warm front.

Reference, ,nee, the Airmans Weather Advisory Circular-AC00-6B

And goin' to work on those days! It was fun with an RCA AVQ46 green screen blind mans cane, (radar).
You look it up, they are so arcane the most prominent sites with pictures is ebay.

IMHO, it ain't braggin' if you survived it, and it was hard to abandon the cockpit while wandering around in the midst of 'a significant weather event', or just fly on the 'nice days'. Ever been sittin' in a cockpit at 450 and lookin' up at a cell toppin' 70,000 feet?

The 'freight dogs' lived with weather, I guess that's Global whatever.
Cherry or Ameristar?
bentwing60 1


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