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US and Europe end Airbus-Boeing dispute as they eye threat from China

The United States and the European Union have resolved a long-running trade dispute over subsidies to Airbus and Boeing, a move that could improve transatlantic relations as both sides seek to counter China's rising economic influence. US officials confirmed on Tuesday they struck a truce to end the dispute over government subsidies for the world's leading commercial plane makers during a summit in Brussels. ( More...

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Roy Hunte 5
Good news!
Peter Carey 1
Right On .
John Manley -2
This is TRUE wokeness. Glad the world is finally waking up.
SkyAware123 -3
lol. oh how they fooled biden. Just watch, the subsidies aren't going anywhere
Pete48y -3
They didn’t fool the fool O’Biden, they fooled his handlers- Biden is pissed because he wanted chocolate puddng to celebrate Juneteenth but he got Vanilla instead.
tomasz dabrowski 2
Someone misses the cheeto monster. sad.


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