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Amazon Dives Into Weak Aircraft Market, Leases 12 More Planes

The company announced Wednesday that it had leased 12 converted Boeing 767-300 passenger planes from Air Transport Services Group Inc. ( More...

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jbermo 8
Like that of what UPS had done in the past, someday, Amazon will have to get its own Pt.121 certificate.
ToddBaldwin3 6
Then, in 20 years, during a cash flow crisis, Amazon will announce it's getting back to it's core business and sell off it's airline.
airpound69 0
This will never happen because they don’t even have an airline, all of the “prime air” operations are carried out by Atlas. Their callsign is “giant”. All amazon did was sign a contract with an actual cargo airline and put their stupid decals on the aide of the planes.
ToddBaldwin3 3
Yes, I know. I was being somewhat facetious.
David Ingram 4
It appears the planes and van operations are something they can pretty much walk away from leaving someone else with the hardware issues.
Jim Ward 2
I’m a shareholder and happy.
Amazon to the moon someday ?
skylab72 1
Come on guys. What do you expect from a Yahoo bot article?
airpound69 -2
Amazon does not have a “fleet”, all of the current “PrimeAir” aircraft are operated by AtlasAir, the whole prime air thing is nothing more than a marketing stunt to fool shareholders.

I’ll repeat: they do not have an airline or fleat, they just signed a contract with an actual airline and put their stupid logo on the side of someone else’s planes. I really don’t understand why people don’t realize this.
mdburd 8
You must also be surprised when someone actually flies Skywest but thinks they're on Delta


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