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Virgin Orbit will soon use its modified Boeing 747 to launch satellites into orbit using a rocket strapped to the wing — here's how it works

The Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 turned Virgin Orbit aerial launch platform aims to give companies an easy way to launch satellites into orbit. ( More...

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Don't forget to detach before powering the rocket!
Chris B 1
This aircraft was Virgin Atlantic's G-VWOW and was bought/transferred from Virgin Atlantic four years ago.
djames225 1
Was fun watching drop tests from it in 2018. Chief pilot has quite a resume handling the Shuttle 747 and NASA SOPHIA
Don Johnson 1
How is this any better than Northrup Grumman's L1011/Pegasus rocket that has been flying for years?
djames225 1
This thing can take off from anywhere a 747 can. Unfortunately Stargazer must takeoff from a facility that has support, and craft checkout facilities.
That and Northrup was kind of hog tied, by the forces, due to Pegasus's original intent.
Brian Johnson 0
It's not. Billionaire's boondoggle...
Stop quoting the businessinsider until they allow casual references.


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