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Biometric screening at DFW.

DFW to start scanning faces on international flights. ( More...

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El Kabong 0
One more thing to opt out of at the airport.
sandro98 0
It says it saves 9 minutes in boarding... I assume that's just 9 more minutes the last person gets to spend on the gangway. Is the process of showing a boarding pass the slowest part of any boarding experience?
adambear8 1
It is only useable on international flights at the moment. This saves time by not requiring passengers to take out their passports and verify image on passport to traveller along with positive name match. More accurate and overtime, GA won't have to keep announcing that passports need to be out and opened to the picture page.
Willie Wonka 0
How does Bio-metric screening work and does this process replace an existing step in the security screening?


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