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Boeing 797 jet: Will the planemaker gamble $21 billion on an all-new aircraft?

The aircraft nicknamed the 797 would feature Boeing's first all-new design since the 787 Dreamliner's unveiling in 2004, while shoring up its product line against recent Airbus advances. The European plane-maker's incoming boss, Guillaume Faury, says he's waiting for Boeing to tip its hand before revealing counter moves. That sets up a likely showdown at the Paris Air Show in June. ( More...

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Cansojr 1
Boeing must make a feint before rolling out the 797 series. If you show your main new product line to soon that gives Airbus to counter-move spoiling Boeing's new line. The whole idea is to get people to focus on your new roll-out before they can beat you to the market. In other words you want your mainline to get the first killer marketing punch in. Timing is critical. Too soon your competitor will be waiting with a counter move. In a sense it is like a giant game of chess on 4 continents.


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