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User Fees By Another Name - Dallas Set To Implement GA Landing Fee at Love Field

The city cited increasing costs for keeping up with traffic and maintenance needs in its decision to approve the fee. But airport officials also stress that they want to ensure that general aviation pays its “fair share.” ( More...

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Lemme see if I've got this. General aviation accounts for 38 percent of operations at DAL, but the city wants to impose a landing fee that could be as much as 263 percent of that paid by commercial carriers, and they call that a "fair share." Sumpin' ain't right.
wingbolt 2
This is just the beginning. I’m sure the leasehold rent will go up on the next renewal forcing the charges from the FBO’s to skyrocket. Stayed overnight in Dallas last week and the hotel bill had a “mandatory Dallas TPID Fee” on it and the rental car had a 51% tax rate. Not long ago my hotel in Denver had 7 different tax line items on it. I know some of these taxes won’t go away if I change to RBD and most likely the jet fuel price will increase there because of this announcement. I will probably change to RBD when I can. I’m getting too old for this crap!
Frosty1025 1
What is RBD. Thanks
Dallas Executive, formerly "Redbird."
paul gilpin 1
but you are the one to bring taxes into this.
you paid for jerry's world with that tax. that was part of the negotiations that took place when jerry re-located to arlington. and it encompasses numerous other towns communities in the geographic area. grand praire, mineral wells, etc. euless got hit really hard.
Well, I live in Carrollton myself and am NOT a fan of Jerry. I don't think Carrollton was much affected by the Arlington fiasco. I'd suggest folks fly in to ADS instead of DAL or RBD. I don't think Addison has the taxes that some of the other Metroplex communities have, but I could be wrong.
wingbolt 7
I’m gonna miss the cherry slushee machine at Dallas Jet Center and the KISS pinball machine!
bentwing60 5
Yeah but the canopy will still be there if you can afford it. Mike Rawlings needs some new money to give to the new voters comin in. And it will never come out of their pockets.
Randy Foster 1
its aerosmith pin ball now...
wingbolt 2
I thought I might get it wrong. I always suck at pinball anyway.
donjohnston 1
And the difference is?
krispykreme 1
BJC already got rid of the sweet tea. :(
Jim Quinn 4
It sounds like a typical Dallas decision--shoot from the hip. Between the city council, the county commissioners, and the Dallas schools' management, that place is a mess and always has been.
bentwing60 2
They might have gotten john wylie if all his bribe payin customers hadn't been named Perot, Hunt, Hill, etc. You know, the ones with jets at KDAL. Couldn't very well lock him up without takin out some of the bribers, and they were too big to book in Dallas. I don't have to go too far to find a swamp.
wingbolt 4
Now I get it.
Sounds like the fix was in.
Peter McGrath 1
"Insider bidding" the latest white collar crime.
WhiteKnight77 1
This sounds as bad as the garbage going on at ATL with vendors and ties to people at city hall and the ex-mayors brother who didn't even work for the city vetting prospective vendors. smh
If the city of Dallas desires traffic to shift from Love Field to Dallas Executive then an improvement of facilities is in order. A precision approach for runway 17 and lengthening of the second runway would be a good place to start.
treborselpats 2
The City of Dallas has been pushing for more commercial traffic since the Wright Amendment expired and it was undoubtedly going to be GA traffic which was going to suffer. The effect this will not be increased traffic to RBD but more movement to TKI, ADS, and DTO. DAL will again run off GA with plenty of options to receive better services than RBD and its' crime ridden area.
wingbolt 1
With the highway traffic situation in Dallas I would love to have an alternate to RBD for meetings in the downtown area but since I’m not local I’m not sure what that would be. I don’t think ADS or certainly DTO is the answer. After finding out about how political the city council was in this whole process I changed my mind and will probably stick with DAL. Gonna take it in the shorts one way or another so at least DAL will be the most convenient. A lesser of two evils. My perfect solution now would be to avoid Dallas as a whole and switch to a different city.
bentwing60 1
The drive from ADS to downtown vs. RBD is inconsequential and the fees at DAL will arrive at RBD if they are successful at steering any significant amount of traffic there, and they won't. tre. is right, it's the hood, and ADS doesn't have that blight and is a far more accommodating environment for corporate GA and professional/owner flown pilots. And there is no signature on the field. Million Air or Atlantic you know and there is no landing fee per se. Since you are a transient, don't feed the machine. That's city hall. Still haven't been voted off, Cheers.
I wonder if they'll name the new subdivision "Love Fields"...
skylab72 1
Back in the day, we wanted it to be "The Lemmon Avenue Drag Strip".
slpceo 1
Dallas Executive is my choice (KRBD). Great FBO at Ambassador along with CAA furl prices.
Hap Arnold 1
I switched to Grand Prairie years ago and have never regretted it.


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