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Cargolux 747-8F First to reach 1 Million hours ON THE GENX ENGINE

Five and a half years after entry into service of its first GEnx-powered 747-‑8F, Cargolux, became the first operator worldwide to fly one million hours with this new engine type and remains GE’s GEnx fleet leader in total operating hours. With the first delivery of the 747-8F, Cargolux also became the launch customer of the GEnx engine that represents a giant leap forward in propulsion technology, using the latest materials and design processes to reduce weigh and improve performance. It is… ( More...

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John Succop 2
Something seems a bit off here. Assume that five and one half years is 2000 days. To fly one million hours the plane would have to fly 500 hours per day. I call that super efficient.
Tony Perez 2
Cargolux is putting Luxembourg on the map.......somewhere......
Nice to see the Queen of the skies promote this. I remember a PAN AM 747-100 that GE used as a test bed aircraft not sure if it's active
bigkahuna400 1
Is this calculated 4 times for each flight because there are 4 per plane? So 1 hr in the air means 4 hrs of service? Just say'in....
Yes there getting bigger and better with newer 747's entering the fleet
sueridge307 1

One million flight hours on a new engine type is a tremendous achievement, both for GE and Cargolux,” says Onno Pietersma, Cargolux EVP Maintenance & Engineering. “Our confidence in the GEnx has well paid off, even if we had to work around some teething problems with the engine that are perfectly normal for such an innovative design. GE’s support team has been extremely helpful in getting things on track and our 747-8 freighters benefit from the superior performance of this powerplant.”

”The GEnx engine has proven itself to be an outstanding engine in terms of technology and performance,” says Tom Levin, General Manager for GE’s GEnx engine program. “As the GEnx launch customer, Cargolux has led the fleet and we are proud to celebrate the one million flight hours with them.”

The Cargolux freighters flew record numbers of block hours during 2016 and, as a leading operator of Boeing’s 747-8F, the airline routinely achieves a record-high utilization of its fleet. Cargolux’s Maintenance Division maintains the fleet schedule reliability on a high level with an average dispatch rate of 97.7% for the 747-8F and 97.5% for the 747-400F in 2016. Thanks in no small part to its advanced GEnx engine, as well as improved aerodynamics and lighter materials, the 747-8 Freighter provides double-digit improvements in fuel consumption and carbon emissions – well below ICAO limits.
I had the chance to see this plane a few months ago !


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