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The Solar Impulse 2

Solar-powered plane attempts Japan-Hawaii flight. A solar-powered plane attempting to circumnavigate the globe without fuel took off from Japan early Monday after an unscheduled, month-long stop. ( More...

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Jim Metzger 3
Solar Impulse 2 reaches Hawaii, shatters records in historic Pacific flight. Solar Impulse 2 landed in Hawaii Friday, ending its epic 5,139-mile journey from Japan after five days of solar-powered flight.
The fuel-free flight from Nagoya to Honolulu’s Kalaeloa Airport was the longest and riskiest leg of Solar Impulse 2’s round-the-world odyssey.
Jack Carson -1
Just how much would it cost to put passengers up in a hotel in Japan for a month while waiting for good weather? Hope this is privately funded rather another Obama bend over and take it, taxpayers.
It is a privately funded Swiss endeavour, and no public funding from the USA is involved.
Jim Metzger 2
Thanks for the clarification on funding.
My pleasure!
johnnunley 0
What an A.. fact a Jack A.. But the good news is Im sure, while this has nothing to do with the good ole USA, Obama can come up with some surprise just for you.


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