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A Closer Look with Pictures: 747-8F engine damaged in Victorville

Fortunately, no one was injured in this incident and the damage, while significant, was only superficial and did not damage the GEnx-2B's internal engine components. As you can see, the tug, which was parked at the time, sustained the brunt of the damage. The inlet cowl lip damaged measured 35 inches across and 17 inches wide, as well as a 17 inch gash on the underside of the cowling. ( More...

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QuickBurn 0
No wing walkers in the high desert?
mayday319 0
i bet this will happen more often, doesn't that thing have a 400 foot wingspan? it will be hard to track all that wing, especially in a small airport
QuickBurn 0
I don't know of an airport that can handle a 400 foot wingspan safely. The 747-8 has a span of 224'.
For comparison, The original 747 was 195'8", the -400 is 211'5", Airbus A380 is 261'6", and the giant 6-engine Antonov AN-225 is 290'2".
Where was the wing walkers,Supervision? how about a little pre-planning with such a large wing span.Big bucks now...cowl chg,pylon inspection, and possible other repairs not seen.....ouch!!! Heads up guys come on!! Think!
Sean Haney 0
I guess they just don't make tugs like they used to! :-)
pete weston 0
pay peanuts get monkeys working for you!!!


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