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Airplane Wi-Fi Gets Tested Using… Giant Sacks of Potatoes?

So we knew Boeing was working on improving Wi-Fi on its planes, but we didn't have all the details, really. Now we do. Boeing made its better Wi-Fi with potatoes. ( More...

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Alex Maraio 2
So is that what Boeing sees us as......?
sparkie624 2
While testing, if you crash, I guess you get Mashed Potatoes vs Human Remains.
joel wiley 0
From the airline standpoint, sacks of potatoes make better than average passengers- no complaints, no lawsuits, no lost baggage. If the wifi signal varies throughout the airplane, the could lead to a new tariff vector- in addition to surcharges for more legroom, you can add wifi signal strength. And then, do Idaho spuds make better/worse passengers than Yukon Gold?
linbb 0
Old news repose was posted a weed ago.
Bob Ziehm 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Boeing Uses Potatoes to Improve Inflight Wi-Fi

If you need to test Wi-Fi signals on an airplane, Boeing has discovered potatoes are a secret to success.
jvc7rocker 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Boeing uses potatoes to improve Wi-Fi signals

When Boeing Co. needed to test out in-flight wireless signals on full planes, they couldn't ask humans to sit motionless for days at a time while they conducted experiments. So they found an unusual substitute for people: the potato. Turns out that human beings have many more similarities to potatoes than you'd think.


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