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Pitching Deck Carrier Operations (Video)

Landing on a Carrier deck during the day time while it unpredictably pitches back and forth might be a daunting task but take away all visual references during night operations and you have a pretty dangerous mix. These two clips are from the TV series "Carrier" on PBS and they showcase pitching deck operations during both day and night. ( More...

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Paul Reece 4
Hey Great video of course Go Navy and really learn how to fly. Oh you think you have flying mastered. Then take a shot at landing a chopper in the same sea conditions on to a small boy/tin can or for you none sailors that is a destroyer or a frigate. They are all nuts but they are the best in the world. May they all have Fair Winds and Following Seas.
richard weiss 3
The pilots out there, by any standard, are the best trained in the world. They're coming aboard at night, in weather, pitching deck, low on fuel, and EVERYBODY is watching. Remember that many of them are on Nugget cruises, and have about 500 hours total time flying. We ask a lot of these people, and we always get back more than is expected.
chalet 2
Look guys, lets be realistic, it is not that the video is great, what is absolutely way above "great" is the pilots and what they do every day for years.
mark tufts 1
rolling aircraft carrier landings are alaways hard on the pilots and operation specialists
chalet 1
Tons of respect to the pilots
Rob Claybrook 1
Paul Simpson 1
Great video.
Paul Claxon 1
About like making the thrid attempt at landing with 30kt cross wind at night.
Tim Smith 1
INCREDIBLE VIDEO! By far the best pilots in the world.
preacher1 1
makes you appreciate a solid


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