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Man Steals $6,500 Rolex Watch From TSA Checkpoint At Fort Lauderdale Airport

According to the Broward County Sheriff's Department, a man stole a Rolex watch valued at $6,500 from another passenger at the security checkpoint of the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida. The event was captured on TSA video surveillance.... ( More...

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Ric Wernicke 2
What is the matter with that theif? There are six figure Rolex watches passing through every hour at Ft. Lauderdale, so he steals a steel starter watch at $6.5K?

How do they know he left on a flight? He might have turned around and left the terminal.

Who designed the security cameras that saw the theft, but not the face?

How about a check system where you get a chit for the tray, and an airline employee takes the chit and returns the tray. Brass chits for economy, silver for business, and gold for first class. Pilots would get diamond chits, and cabin staff gets rainbow chits.
TSA is more about deterring crime than stopping it.
Do you really think a well funded and organized terrorist group couldn't succeed because of TSA? I think they are on to bigger plans. Kinda like been there, done that. 3 or 4 hundred people is not spectacular enough anymore. There are a million things they could do that would kill more people than a plane load. We fixed the big problem with sealed cockpits.
and by crime i mean bringing a bomb on a plane
captb68 1
Everyone knows by now that you have to go through the TSA circus. Why not put the watches, cell phones, change, etc. into a pocket of the carry-on prior to going through? Many times I've seen the bins get turned over and everything dump. Saves time and clutter on the belt/slide.
KC Hoover 1
That is exactly what I do when I am preparing to go through the "TSA circus". Everything of value I own goes into a zippered inside pocket of a carry on. Watches, jewelry, cameras, prescription drugs you name it. To many times TSA has rifled my checked bags and things have turned of missing. I quickly learned TSA never takes responsiblity for the missing items. Heck you can hardly get them to return a call to report the missing items much less file a claim. One TSA supervisior took 3 weeks to return a call and then refused to do anything about a missing piece of jewelry.
A thief is a thief, but how dumb is this woman that she leaves her Rolex in the tray and walks off? Kinda like forgetting to put your gear down.
KC Hoover 0
Ya right don't push your tub up. See how far that gets you with the other people in line behind you waiting for their monment of TSA grope session. Many times I don't even have to push my tub, the ones behind it are shoving it forward.
preacher1 0
I was wondering about that myself. We are in agreement there

Falconus 0
How can it be a "security" agency, if it lets somebody steal something right at the "security" checkpoint?
KC Hoover 0
Well it is the TSA, and they are very busy shaking down Granny and feeling up your 5 year olds. So actually preventing and stopping a crime, ah how many terrorist did they stop last year. Zip. So having this happen pretty much maintains a perfect record.
Marcus Pradel 0
At least this time it wasn't a TSA agent stealing..

we're lowering our expectations as each day passes by.
Watch out for those TSA mental detectors. If they see you have a brain they'll think you'll use it to see them for what they are and detain you!


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