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Eight air marshals fired for drinking during training

Washington (CNN) -- Eight federal air marshals are being fired for drinking alcohol during training, and six others are being disciplined for not reporting it, according to the Transportation Security Administration. ( More...

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What imbeciles! You never have a drink at lunch if you have certain jobs, like law enforcement officers, fire fighters, etc. The new guy is SOL, regardless of race, creed, gender, etc. Probies have no appeal rights.
Becoming a FAM is extremely difficult. Sad that they threw it all away for a couple of alcoholic drinks.
Yvon Dionne 1
If carrying weapons zero tolerance on drinking.....also sounds like somebody trying to climb the ladder even at the cost of his or her fellow officers. Still need more info to make a case either way.
Life thereafter is a private security firm, or maybe consultants for airplane movies...
Either way, they'll make more money...
JJ Johnson -2
Stupid. You don't drink and carry guns. Of course in the Federal Government if they are females or minorities they will get their jobs back with back pay and be promoted into management. If they are White males they are SOL.
Steve Dwyer 1
Thanks for weighing-in for all of us poor oppressed white males, it's true we have had it pretty tough for the past couple of hundred years.
JJ Johnson 2
No just the last 20 years or so under Politically Correct Tyranny. So has America as our standards plummet to "Accommodate" others.
by others do you mean black men who hold high office?
JJ Johnson 1
He is not Black he is half white why does that half not count? My point exactly all of a sudden being white is not cool or accepted in this climate of politically correct brainwashing and yes standards in the FAA were lowered to hire more black females that information is common knowledge. Black Females could not pass the Air Traffic control test so they lowered the standards so they could. The new America 19th in the world and falling in test scores. Not racist. Just facts.
12 percent black lineage.
Peter Cooper -1
Why were they carrying weapons while enjoying a meal in a restaurant ? Any chance terrorists would try to hijack the restaurant ? Sounds like a bunch of "wannabee" cops or FBI types to me.They are neither, just security guards, but signed up to doi an important and potentially life threatening job. Not too sure whether dismissal was justified, but as Yvon says below, guns & alcohol DO NOT MIX.
As Federal law enforcement officers, FAMs are authorized to carry everywhere in case they have to assist other LEOs or detain a suspect until LEOs arrive.


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