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Pods Make Sleeping At The Airport Much Nicer, Or Way Weirder

The Abu Dhabi Airport has installed 10 Go Sleep pods in terminals 1 and 3, with 35 more on the way, that provide a sleeping space for a little more than $12 per hour. Go Sleeps, designed in Finland, have internet access, outlets for charging electronics and a secure place to store your luggage. (gizmodo.com) More...

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Good idea if you are really tired,Abu Dhabi airport was extremely busy when we were there coming home on the 30th.Dec.we couldnt even get a seat to sit,had to keep drinking a cuppa in a cafe to get a seat.so ok if particularly tired.
Geoff Davies 1
look nice good idea,but twelve pound an hr is alittle steep
Every thing on the menu is ok as long as one can afford it.
AWAAlum 1
They look a bit claustrophobic to me. And yes, try and imagine checking into a hotel and slipping into a bed someone else has just vacated without having changed the linens. Ick.


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