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General Electric Turns to Airbus Because of Boeing's Mess

GE, Stung by Boeing Pullback, Pitches for New Business With Airbus ( More...

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Chris B 1
Wonder if the aircraft leasing companies are also behind this push to repower from the exclusive deal with RR.
Kobe Hunte 0
Both have great aircraft. Just wish the MAX crashes never happened.
TERRY Smith 2
So does Boeing.
Help me remember... who caused the 777x delays again? I just can't seem to remember. Something to do with engines, I think.
Kobe Hunte 4
It was more than just the engines that was the problem.
So it's ok if a published article written by a paid author claims GE has been forced to sell engines to Airbus because Boeing had to shut down 737 production, with no explanation why despite the fact they are talking about two completely different engines... but if someone in the comment section says maybe if GE had delivered working GE9X's they might be in a better position, now this you can't ignore because "it was more than just the engines". Give me a break.


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