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Airbus Touts A330neo Flexibility In Quest to Replace Boeing 767s

Airbus claims that the flexibility of the Airbus A330neo makes it a strong candidate to replace the aging fleet of Boeing 767s and other widebodies at US carriers. ( More...

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william baker 1
Wasn’t the A330 originally built as a competitor for the Boeing 767 or was that the 777
pilotjag 1
It was built to compete mainly with the Boeing 767. And you can say it also more-or-less competes with the Boeing 777 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner
dav555 1
Yes, the A330 was Airbus' answer to the 767. Now Boeing needs to get moving and build the 797 to replace the aging 757s. At the same time they should begin developing a radical 737 series replacement instead of just improving on old, albeit good, designs.
william baker 2
Why change a design that has been a grade A student. The 737 has been an awesome airplane and always will be for years to come. Heck they use 737-200 for gravel runways and high in the north in very cold weathers.
dav555 2
I clearly stated that the 737 is a good design. The fact that old designs are still being used doesn't mean that better ones can't be made. It's time for a new design which will be even more efficient and safe. If you're not moving forward with better products then you're falling behind. Boeing is competing with Airbus/Bombardier and soon will have competition from Chinese aircraft so they must stay ahead of them by developing cutting edge aircraft like they did with the 787.
Larry Marting 1
As a passenger, not a pilot or engineer, I would love to see the old 767s replaced with something equally as comfortable. The '67s I fly on are very worn and showing their age. When I get to fly up front, I want a newer cabin config...which I guess could happen even on the old ones, but Delta, my airline of choice, has lot's of geriatric planes (like me) with old cranky seats and video screens.


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