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Piaggio P.136-L2 Gull assembled in the US by Kearney & Trecker Corp. making it a "Royal Gull". The L2 version had the 295hp GO-480-G1D6 Lycoming engines vs, the P.136-L1 Gull versions 270hp GO-480-B1D series engines. The giveaway is the L-2s dorsal fin, the L-1 doesn't have one to speak of.

Written on 06/29/2022 by Bill Bailey

I took this pic at 1XS1 when I owned it. GREAT plane. My first SEL aircraft. 150HP with aux fuel tanks.

Written on 06/29/2022 by Stevo

a mentor:

I took 7 total, I surrounder that thing. If you need to see the PORT side click on all the newest photos of that aircraft and I am sure you will be satisfied with something I took. As much as this aircraft had a 1 1/2 day visit no one else posted anything.

Written on 06/29/2022 by warmwynds

It's a Gossling!

Written on 06/29/2022 by Diana Rose

The early passenger jet that handled like a sports car

Written on 06/29/2022 by jrc1947

this view obstructs the port side cargo doors shown here:

the aerodome and cargo doors are the hall marks of the C-47/R4D

Written on 06/29/2022 by a mentor

Actually, James, it would be runway 08

Written on 06/29/2022 by Rick D

This pic is fake and anybody can see it. The colors, the flying positions, the apparent details. Photoshop is o.k. but it shouldn't be presented as it is here.
shame on you!

Written on 06/29/2022 by Carl-Otto Jaeschke

YEAH! Miracles!

Written on 06/29/2022 by Jose Correa

Well guys, here we go again,
this is of course a C-402 and not an MU 2

Written on 06/29/2022 by Carl-Otto Jaeschke

Whoops, sorry! That would be runway 8. (I'm not a pilot!)

Written on 06/29/2022 by James Zuelow

Wow !!!!! Gary this must be the Mona Lisa of aviation photos

Written on 06/28/2022 by Derek Marshall

Thank you Gavin!

Written on 06/28/2022 by davesheehy

I use to fly that airplane as a captain. It was a set of corporate planes from Champion Spark Plug Company. Very low time planes that were a blast to fly out of Santa Barbara, CA.

Written on 06/28/2022 by steven iltz

WOW!!!!!!! Gary this shot is amazing! Your timing in capturing this big bird was perfect! Outstanding snap!

Written on 06/28/2022 by Darryl Sarno

This Super Galaxy is the same one that participated in the C5M .. KC-10 .. C-17 "Elephant Walk" and exhibition flight during the 2022 Wings Over Solano Open House and Airshow event a few weeks ago.

Written on 06/28/2022 by Gary Schenauer


Written on 06/28/2022 by Diana Rose

Love the prop Whirrrrr! Nice Shot!

Written on 06/28/2022 by Diana Rose

cool beans photo!

Written on 06/28/2022 by Diana Rose

This is a super capture. Scored it a "5" but it is worth more than that. *****++

Written on 06/28/2022 by Gary Schenauer

a mentor:
Thanks for the comment. I did get to talk with crew members and visit the inside of the plane. They pointed out the DC3 civilian and C47 military duties in the war. As far as posting I covered both and most of the Aircraft listed for this is the DC3 so that is the type listed.

Written on 06/28/2022 by warmwynds

the aerodome in the roof marks this as the C-47 Skytrain

Written on 06/28/2022 by a mentor

That is a really nice looking Cessna

Written on 06/28/2022 by Tom Glass

Hiya, Boss. Tks. I've noticed that this one hasn't flown at all in over two weeks. In fact, it didn't make many more trips after I clicked it.

Written on 06/28/2022 by Gary Schenauer

Fantastic shot

Written on 06/28/2022 by Andre Blanchard


Written on 06/28/2022 by Henry Dupuis

Tail strike?

Written on 06/28/2022 by Li dong Shi


Written on 06/28/2022 by Li dong Shi

Up close and personal! Love it!

Written on 06/28/2022 by Darryl Sarno

Nice catch John!

Written on 06/28/2022 by Darryl Sarno

Thanks John!

Written on 06/28/2022 by Darryl Sarno

Hello skylab72 - I can assure you that this is not a screen capture from a flight sim. Another image from this A2A photo flight was on the cover of Smithsonian Air&Space magazine.

Written on 06/28/2022 by Lyle Jansma

Hong Kong?

Written on 06/28/2022 by Jeffrey Faucette

Great shot Dave. Methinks no such thing as a slow Pitts in the air.

Written on 06/28/2022 by Gavin Hughes

Wish I could hear that photo.

Written on 06/27/2022 by David Calder

Sim graphics are getting good. No one has questioned this so far...

Written on 06/27/2022 by skylab72


Written on 06/27/2022 by Greg Byington

good one DD . Thanks for sharing !!

Written on 06/27/2022 by JM32

Takes my breath away! Beautiful...just beautiful.

Written on 06/27/2022 by Donna Yost

This is a Dash-8-Q400.

Written on 06/27/2022 by Shabbir Bashar

Classy Lady from the past. I trained on the engines for these birds in High School fell in love with radials after that

Written on 06/27/2022 by Robert Sloane


Written on 06/27/2022 by Uwe Zinke

My dad flew patrol bombers off of North Island until the end of the war. Rolled them right out of the factory into San Diego Bay.

Written on 06/27/2022 by Mike Waite

All over Brazil, Argentina, and Chile, years ago.

Loved these old birds. Of course, they weren't that old, then.

Written on 06/27/2022 by Rob Lamb

It is a ton of fun! Most fun airplane I have flown to date!

Written on 06/27/2022 by William Garton

Taken by Kyle Cate, 9-Jul-2020

Written on 06/27/2022 by Theo Barker


Written on 06/27/2022 by Curt Saur


Written on 06/27/2022 by Curt Saur


Written on 06/27/2022 by Curt Saur

sehr schön!

Written on 06/27/2022 by Fabian Dirscherl


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