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Mysterious American Jet Spotted in Iran

A private jet bearing the American flag was spotted this week at an airport in Tehran, an oddity considering the fact that the U.S. is not currently doing business with Iran. The reason for the plane’s visit: Unknown. The plane’s passenger: Also unknown. (www.nytimes.com) More...

Former Blue Angels Commander Relieved of Duty

A Navy officer was relieved of duty Friday because of unspecified alleged misconduct while he was commanding officer of the Blue Angels precision flying team, the service said. Capt. Gregory McWherter was removed from his post as executive officer of Naval Base Coronado, where he had served since November, officials said in a statement. (abcnews.go.com) More...

Saying Goodbye to Our Little AvGeek, Mr. Awesome

The aviation community family lost one of its biggest and smallest fans. Calder “Mr. Awesome” Sloan passed away due to a tragic and bizarre accident. He was named after the famous Braniff Boeing 727 “Flying Colors of the United States” used to commemorate the Bicentennial of the America in 1976. This aircraft was designed by the legendary artist Alexander “Sandy” Calder who also designed the mobiles that hang in New York JFK’s Terminal 4. (airchive.com) More...

Boeing to experiment by building planes with a de-skilled, demotivated workforce

Boeing’s December disclosure that it will transfer about 1,000 research engineering jobs out of Washington state has sown widespread internal dissent, distrust and confusion, according to internal employee feedback gathered by company managers. Employees cited in the feedback meetings expressed concerns that those high standards can’t be maintained. (www.correntewire.com) More...

Video: Red Bull Air Race Plane Hits Water

Red Bull Air Race pilot Matt Hall had a scare at the Ontario race, when he stalled his aircraft and skimmed across the water during qualifying. The plane was visually inspected in the air before returning for a safe landing. (www.youtube.com) More...

(Video) Beautiful Qantas B747-400 'Olympic 2012' livery

Classic Qantas B744 landing on runway 24R at Los Angeles Int'l Airport in full HD. http://flightaware.com/live/flight/VHOJU (youtu.be) More...

Alaska Airlines to Re-Launch Oregon Wines Fly Free Program

Alaska Airlines announced that it will resume its Oregon Wines Fly Free program on May 1. The program, which allows travelers on the airline’s flights to check a case of Oregon wine at no charge, was first launched as a two-month trial period last fall, and is now being renewed and extended for a year. (www.frequentbusinesstraveler.com) More...

Is THIS America's newest top-secret spy plane?

A new picture emerges of another unidentified aircraft over Kansas which is similar in nature to the picture of an unidentified plane spotted over Texas a couple of weeks ago. (www.dailymail.co.uk) More...

Security threat reported on Detroit-Denver Delta flight

(Reuters) - A Delta Airlines flight that landed at a Denver airport was directed to a remote airfield location after an unspecified "potential Security threat" and passengers were ushered off the plane and were being interviewed by authorities, officials said. (in.reuters.com) More...

Citation 560XL XLS Beautiful Takeoff

Smooth Citation 560XL XLS takeoff out of Cyprus. Filmed from ATC tower, also showing takeoff of Tecnam P2002JF LSA. (www.youtube.com) More...

17+ hours on single engine over ocean

Here is a Cirrus that took off from Hawaii before dawn that will reach California well after dark. (flightaware.com) More...

DARPA envisions a smarter, safer autopilot

Autonomous aircraft serve their purpose, but there's no question that pilotless passenger flights are a long way off, if they ever become a reality. Still, there's obviously room for improvement when it comes to on-board systems that assist pilots in their duties. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is in the process of creating an advanced autopilot system called ALIAS (yes, another acronym). (www.engadget.com) More...

Malaysian Officials: Hunt for Flight 370 at 'Critical Stage' - Current Underwater Search Could End Within a Week

The hunt for the missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 is at a ‘critical’ stage, according to Malaysian officials, as Australian officials announced a plan to end underwater searches for the jet’s flight data recorders within a week. The narrowing of the search is at a very critical juncture,” said, Hishammuddin Hussein, Malaysia’s defense and acting transport minister, at a news conference Saturday. ... (www.frequentbusinesstraveler.com) More...

Malaysian Plane Hunters May Need to Review Area, Researcher Says

The longest search for an aircraft in modern civil aviation has yet to result in the retrieval of any physical objects connected to the Boeing 777 airliner, which went missing on March 8 with 239 people on board (www.bloomberg.com) More...

Missing MH370: Drone diving to record level; Black box search can complete in a week

Australian officials supervising the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 told Reuters on Saturday that an underwater search for the black box recorder based on "pings" possibly from the device could be completed in five to seven days. (www.emirates247.com) More...

Panama inaugurates new Thales Air Traffic Control Centre

The Civil Aviation Authority of Panama (AAC), in the presence of several other regional Air Navigation Service Providers, announces the inauguration of their brand new Approach & En-Route Radar Air Traffic Control Centre, housing 12 Controller Working Position (CWP) and capable of managing the entirety of Panama’s airspace. (www.aviationnews.eu) More...