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Another Passenger Fight Over Reclining Seats Has Caused A Flight To Be Diverted

For the third time in a little over a week, a flight has been diverted because of a passenger fight over reclining seats. (www.businessinsider.com) More...

Cathay Pacific, Dragonair to allow tablets, ebooks during take-off, landing

Cathay Pacific and its regional offshoot Dragonair have joined the growing list of airlines allowing passengers to use 'personal electronic devices' such as tablets and ebook readers during the taxi, take-off and landing stages of a flight. (www.ausbt.com.au) More...

Scary moments cause emergency landings

Two U.S. domestic flights that had emergency landings, causing passengers to panic. (www.cnn.com) More...

RAF's first A400M Atlas completes maiden flight

The UK Royal Air Force has moved one step closer to receiving its first Airbus Defence & Space A400M Atlas airlifter, after the aircraft successfully completed its maiden flight in Spain on 30 August. Aircraft MSN15 was piloted by British test pilot Ed Strongman. The aircraft took off from Seville at 14:25 local time, returning 5h 5min later. (www.flightglobal.com) More...

How Delta Bought A Refinery And Wound Up Saving Its Rivals A Ton Of Cash

In April 2012 Delta Airlines took the unprecedented step of spending $150 million for an oil refinery. (www.businessinsider.com) More...

Dassault Falcon to break ground on Arkansas expansion

Major expansion by jet manufacturer at LIT; jobs to be added. (www.thv11.com) More...

Emirates nixes investment stake in Qantas: "We buy planes, we do not buy shares”

Emirates has once again signalled its lack of interest in buying a stake in Qantas, with a senior executive for the Dubai-based airline pouring cold water on an equity investment in its Aussie partner. (www.ausbt.com.au) More...

Sanford-bound Allegiant flight makes emergency landing in South Carolina

SANFORD, Fla. — No flight attendant pre-flight message can prepare you for this. An Allegiant flight landed in South Carolina instead of completing its trip to Orlando-Sanford International Airport after oxygen masks dropped down mid-flight (www.wftv.com) More...

Thai Airways' inaugural Boeing 787 Perth-Bangkok flights from 22 September

Thai Airways will begin its much-delayed daily Boeing 787 flights between Perth and Bangkok from 22 September as the daily TG483/484 service, with Boeing 787 flights between Bangkok and Tokyo's Narita Airport slated to follow later in the year. (tinyurl.com) More...

Two Airbus A330-300 planes leased to major Asian airline

FLY Leasing Limited, a global lessor of modern commercial jet aircraft, announced Tuesday it has acquired two Airbus A330-300s manufactured in 2013 and has leased the planes to a leading airline in Asia in a sale and lease-back transaction. (dcnewsroom.blogspot.com) More...

A380 Continues To Pose Challenges For Heathrow

When I first saw the headline, I thought the article would be about too many passengers arriving at overcrowded terminals. The challenges the article discusses is actually quite different... (aviationweek.com) More...

Aussie airlines crack down on oversized cabin luggage

Qantas offshoot Jetstar is signing up dedicated check-in staff to ensure that passengers aren't abusing carry-on rules when they should be checking large or heavy luggage instead of stuffing it into the overhead bins. (www.ausbt.com.au) More...

Virgin Australia delivery on schedule for B738 MAX aeroplanes

Virgin Australia our boss Borgetti has announce he will bring forward the delivery schedule of the B738 MAX aircraft into the fleet. The first aircraft was originally ordered for July 2012. He stated he can give a months range but cannot confirm the actual date of the first delivery. At the moment Virgin flight Attendants and flight crews are training up as we speak for the introduction of this aircraft to the fleet. The remaining order will arrive around 2018 or earlier Another link below to… (www.virginblue.com.au) More...