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Great Moments and Events in September Aviation History

The around the world flight of two Douglas World Cruisers, the DC-1 gets the green light from TWA, Air Canada's predecessor starts operations, the Douglas DC-8 enters service simultaneously with United Airlines and Delta Air Lines, the roll-out of the first 747, and the 767's first flight are among major milestones in Septembers past... (www.frequentbusinesstraveler.com) More...

The 10 Questions You Must Ask Before Purchasing a Private Jet

If you are a first-time buyer of a business aircraft, you should be asking yourself many questions before embarking on the quest to find the perfect plane: How often will I fly and how far? How much will I need to work or sleep en route to my destinations? How much luggage will I need to stow? How tall are my typical passengers and how much luggage will they bring? How long will I stay at each destination? How comfortable am I with the idea of other people chartering my plane? (lnkd.in) More...

Japan Aims to Crack the Aviation Market With Its First New Passenger Plane in Four Decades

Japan is home to some of the world’s biggest automakers, is one of the biggest shipmakers, and its trains run on subways and high-speed tracks around the globe. One industry Japan hasn’t been able to penetrate is construction of passenger jets. - See more at: http://www.ondair.net/japan-aims-to-crack-the-aviation-market-with-its-first-new-passenger-plane-in-four-decades/#sthash.l9m7kuQ5.dpuf (www.ondair.net) More...


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