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Chemtrails theory debunked

For those of you who have been concerned! The reports that government conspiracy theorists say airplane “chemtrails [condensation trails] linger in the air because they contain aluminum, strontium and barium and that these chemicals are used to control humans, pollute the food and water supply and change the weather.” Well, apparently that is not true....or it is even more of a conspiracy. (www.dallasnews.com) More...

Planes of Fame Founder Edward T. Maloney Dies - Pioneer achieved his life mission of keeping vintage warbirds flying.

One of the pioneers of the preservation of vintage airplanes, Edward T. Maloney, has died at the age of 88. Maloney has been credited with saving more than 200 WWII warbirds from destruction. (www.flyingmag.com) More...

Picture-Perfect Data Models Help Build Better Products

Boeing's team of world-class experts is applying analytics to test products earlier, faster and better. (www.boeing.com) More...

MD-80, the workhorse of the skies, is fading away

As summer draws to a close, American Airlines is hastening the pace at which it sends aged McDonnell Douglas MD-80s to the aircraft boneyard. Five years into a revamp of its fleet, the world's largest carrier on Tuesday will retire 20 MD-80-family aircraft, "one of the largest single-day aircraft retirements in airline history," according to American. (www.houstonchronicle.com) More...

Secret Cameras Record Baltimore's Every Move From Above

Cessna 206 airplane equipped with a sophisticated array of cameras circles the city. (www.bloomberg.com) More...

Dozens of airports across Australia being monitored for toxic foam contamination

Dozens of airports across Australia being monitored for toxic foam contamination (www.abc.net.au) More...

Auto create flight logbook entries with FlightAware and Pilot Partner

Pilot Partner now integrates with FlightAware through the FlightXML API to provide an opportunity to automatically create flight logbook entries from FlightAware flight tracks. Pilot Partner also automatically attaches the FlightAware flight track image to your flight in your logbook. (generalaviationnews.com) More...


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