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Spooked about night flying in singles?

If not, maybe you should be. There will be a debate about flying at night in single-engine airplanes for as long as there are single-engine airplanes and it gets dark every night. That is a given. (airfactsjournal.com) More...

Delta, Korean Air Joint Venture Granted Approval by U.S. DOT

Today, Delta Air Lines and Korean Air took a significant step in the creation of their trans-Pacific joint venture with approval of the joint venture by the U.S. Department of Transportation. (news.delta.com) More...

KLM Boeing 747 near Los Angeles on Nov 18th 2017, engine vibrations

A KLM Boeing 747-400, registration PH-BFS performing flight KL-602 from Los Angeles,CA (USA) to Amsterdam (Netherlands), departed Los Angeles with a delay of about 2.5 hours and was enroute at FL290 about 320nm northeast of Los Angeles when the crew decided to return to Los Angeles due to an issue with an engine (www.aeroinside.com) More...