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Delta receives first US-produced Airbus aircraft

Airbus has delivered the first A321 to Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines from its US manufacturing facility in Mobile, Alabama. (atwonline.com) More...

Plane makes emergency landing at GRR after damage

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — An American Airlines plane made an emergency landing after damage inside the cabin Monday evening. (woodtv.com) More...

How One Little Lock on an Airplane Could Save Hundreds of Lives

Selfish passengers spend valuable seconds during evacuations opening overhead bins in order to take their luggage off the plane with them. There is actually one simple solution: locking overhead bins. The bins would be locked during taxi, takeoff and landing. They would be unlocked at cruising altitude. Then they would be locked again when it’s time to prepare the cabin for arrival... (www.travelpulse.com) More...

Ghost airplane casts a pall over A350-1000 rollout

Airbus presented dignitaries and media at the debut of its latest model with an unexpected sight: a white-painted $300-million A350 jetliner being prepared for delivery without an airline livery, considered an alarm signal in the aerospace industry because they usually signify that they have been built without an airline in place to operate them. (www.reuters.com) More...

DOT Approves Norwegian Air US Flights

The US Department of Transportation has approved Norwegian Air's application for a foreign carrier permit, allowing it to launch flights from the US to EU countries. Norway is not a member of the European Union, but the airline’s Irish subsidiary which made the application will now be able to access the EU’s aviation rights to fly between the US and EU. (news.airwise.com) More...

Incident: China Southern B737 near Lanzhou on Dec 1st 2016, the hottest phone one can get

A China Southern Airlines Boeing 737-800, registration B-1782 performing flight CZ-6976 from Shanghai Pudong to Urumqui (China), was enroute at 9200 meters about 120nm east of Lanzhou (China) when the crew decided to divert to Lanzhou after a passenger's mobile phone turned hot and emitted smoke (avherald.com) More...

Tanzania orders two CS300s and one Q400

Tanzania has placed firm orders for two Bombardier CS300s and one Q400 turboprop, which will be leased to Air Tanzania. Bombardier will sell the aircraft to the Tanzanian Government Flight Agency, which will lease them to the airline Bombardier says. The deal has a value at list prices of $200 million, it adds. (www.flightglobal.com) More...

Incident: Jetlite B737 near Hyderabad on Dec 3rd 2016, hydraulic problem

A Jetlite Boeing 737-800, registration VT-JLF performing flight S2-4364 from Kolkata to Bangalore (India) with 147 passeners and 8 crew, was enroute at FL380 about 120nm southeast of Hyderabad (India) when the crew reported a hydraulic problem and decided to divert to Hyderabad (avherald.com) More...


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