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MH17, Russia shot it down, but negligence made it a target

This Tuesday’s release of the Dutch investigation into the destruction of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine in July 2014 is already setting off leaks and previews, but it should also raise the issue as to why a number of airlines were dicing with death by flying thousands of their passengers through manifestly unsafe air space. By far the most detailed and convincing nailing of a Russian surface to air missile as the the weapon that destroyed the Boeing 777-200ER and all 298 people on… (blogs.crikey.com.au) More...

United 869 returns to KSFO with fuel emergency

Higher than expected fuel consumption prompts a return. Track of UA869 http://flightaware.com/live/flight/UAL869/history/20151010/2030Z/KSFO/KSFO (abc7news.com) More...

Video-Delta: Turning a 767 into "Pink Plane" a labor of love

Delta repaints its famous "Pink Plane" to continue honoring breast cancer patients and survivors (news.delta.com) More...

Southwest Airlines Computer Glitch Causes Long Ticket Lines At LAX

LOS ANGELES INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (CBSLA.com) — A nationwide glitch in the Southwest Airlines computer system forced ticket agents at LAX to manually process and hand-write tickets on Sunday, leading to long lines for passengers. The Los Angeles Airport Police Department told arriving passengers on Sunday to expect delays. Security camera footage showed a long line for passengers at Southwest ticket desks. Passengers were being asked to arrive 2 hours prior to their flights. (losangeles.cbslocal.com) More...

Engine fire stops Allegiant flight takeoff from McCarran

Small fire in engine compartment scrubs departure. (lasvegassun.com) More...

WestJet Becomes 2nd Foreign Airline to Offer Passengers PreCheck

WestJet announced that its passengers are now able to use TSA PreCheck security lanes when flying out of U.S. airports. It is the second foreign airline to be authorized by the TSA for the expedited service... (www.frequentbusinesstraveler.com) More...

The pilots who risk their lives flying tiny planes over the Atlantic

Ferry flying is a lucrative but high-risk industry. Elite pilots deliver small planes across oceans and continents – distances these aircraft were not designed to fly. (www.airlineupdates.net) More...

Delta Air Lines purchase 11 used 77Es

Delta has signed on to bring in eleven 777-200ERs, formerly operated by Singapore/Scoot. This adds to the 18 current 777-200ER/LRs in the Delta fleet. A largely unnoticed but significant fleet addition (www.aviationgazette.com) More...

AS-17 diverts to Buffalo because of in-flight fire

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) – A Seattle-bound flight from New Jersey has made an emergency landing in Buffalo after smoke was detected in the galley. (www.aviationgazette.com) More...

Delta 361 involved in false cargo hold fire warning

KINGSTON, Jamaica – A Delta Air Lines plane aborted takeoff Monday in Jamaica after a fire was reported in its cargo area, forcing 160 people and six crew members to evacuate the commercial jetliner which was scheduled to fly from Montego Bay to Atlanta. (www.aviationgazette.com) More...


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