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On-Board the Final AirTran Flight

On-board AirTran flight 1 from Atlanta to Tampa and a look at the final day of operations. ( More...

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SmokedChops 4
flew from MLI to ATL with AirTran on a few occasions, I hope that the best of what made them a great carrier gets passed along to SW. Anyone in need of some relatively low time B717's?
jkirk420 1
Too late, Delta bought them all.
rick SCOTT 3
They never disappointed me. Always on time, always friendly and well managed.
Dwight Hartje 2
That's sad! I like AirTran.
paul trubits 1
Me,too! They reminded me of what Southwest used to be like.
Fritz Steiner 1
I flew a number of times HSV-BWI on AirTran. Always OT departing and arrive. Friendly, efficient service from reservations to counter to destination.

SW stopped AirTran service to HSV. If SW would come to HSV it would dominate, but alas, they don't seem to think so.

Aloha, Ar Tran!!
Craig Lewis 1
What happens to the fleet, sell them to other carriers or send them to the boneyard?
Howard Smith 1
Delta using the 717s, 737s repainted.
That's just like Delta;inheriting used airplanes.
chipsol 1
What a shame! I'll bet Delta got a steal of a deal on such an awesome airplane 717-200! I know because I was involved in the certification and then issueing the standard airworthiness on most of them in Long Beach CA.
paul trubits 1
I had the best Ad tag line for them: AirTran: "We never crashed a plane since we changed our name".(Yes, I know it wasn't ValuJet's fault)


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