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Civil Air Patrol Cadets Take Flight in Hurricane Hunter

The volunteer organization recently took on another adventure in their Louisiana Wing (LAWG) where cadets attended the week-long LAWG 2022 Summer Encampment at Keesler Airforce Base in Biloxi, Mississippi. ( More...

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Timothy Clark 1
I have considered joining the CAP. Being blind though, would they let me fly? I also don't know of any near me so there's that.
Brantsen Gill 1
You could fly in the planes but unfortunately due to medical reasons I don't think you could be a pilot
Rosomak -5
CAP: where cadets pretend they’re in the military and Air Force careers go to die
Bhargav Shukla 8
There's lot more for cadets and adult volunteers at CAP than pretending to be military! I'd hold judgement if I don't understand what the organization does for youth development and emergency services for the communities where they operate. Just my 2c.
I agree with you.


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