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San Diego International Airport expansion plans

November 19, 2013 San Diego finally figured out how to meet the needs of the expanding air travel market. Crowding and cramping at San Diego International Airport may soon be ameliorated by a private pedestrian bridge from Tijuana. An innovative approach to an intractable problem, San Diego airport may send its arriving passengers to Mexico. One commenter nailed it in the Wall Street Journal announcement. ( More...

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This has absolutely nothing to do with San Fiego International, which is not close to the actual border. Tijuana's airport, in contrast, straddles the border. So a pedestrian bridge merely provides easier access from Tijuana's airport to the US.

Some transportation center would have to be built. Passengers arriving in the US would need taxis, buses, rental cars, drop off and pick up spots, etc. Since San Diego (and it's airport) are still are a good ride away, new separate facilities would be needed for Tijuana's walking-across-the-border passengers.
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After walking across the pedestrian bridge, it would be an additional half hour ride to the airport, or 7+ hours walking.


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