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Qatar Airways will fly four times a week between Doha and Miami

Miami International Airport announced on Oct. 21 the addition of a new flight from Qatar, the oil-rich Persian Gulf state. Qatar Airways will fly four times a week between Doha and Miami, starting June 1, 2014. ( More...

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hombrej 2
I will be looking forward to have the photos!
Strange but true.
Qatar took so long to discover Miami !
hombrej 1
better late than never!
PhotoFinish 1
Miami is a direct result of joining oneworld, since oneworld partner American has a base at Miami. Other South American airlines also fly into Miami, so it's a good connecting point to the continent that is quite distant from Doha.
Rohit Rathor 1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Qatar Airways to Fly to Miami

The new route will add four flights a week using the Boeing 777.


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