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Bolivia Leader plane now searched.

Bolivia denounced the “abduction” of President Evo Morales and alleged that international law had been violated after his plane was grounded and searched amid a false rumor that NSA leaker Edward Snowden was on board. ( More...

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Toby Sharp 1
Surprised they haven't found that kid with a bullet in his head yet
preacher1 1
It ain't over yet. Problem is that if it happens now everybody will know who's responsible. If they'd have done it at first, it would be over and done with and not even a blip on the radar.
preacher1 1
Whether caught or not, it is good to see the US flexing it's muscle a little. Notice though, that it ain't BHO, it's his henchmen, and BHO is getting backed into a corner on the Egypt thing. America has never gone that far as far as the violence and a coup except to gain independence in the first place.


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