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D-Day Vet C-47 to Return to Normandy in 2014

70 years after the "Great Crusade" to destroy Hitler's Atlantic Wall, the National Warplane Museum intends to re-kindle the history of the Normandy Invasion. Located in Geneseo, New York, the museum is a proud owner of a 1943 Douglas C-47A "Dakota." This is no average plane, however, as the NWM's C-47 actually served on D-Day, dropping paratroopers over St. Mere-Eglise, France. The lead plane of the 2nd wave over France, Geneseo's C-47 wore the numbers W7/37, and she still… ( More...

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Sorin Sterescu 3
Way to go! All the success to the National Warplane Museum!
Thank you! :-)
Jil Launay 1
Liberty Jump Team Inc is proud to partner with bringing Whiskey 7 back to Normandy for the 70th anniversary DDay events in June 2014. Join us in supporting this historic effort.


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