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Another great piece of Formation Blogging from Cap'n Aux

If you are not reading Eric Auxier's "Adventures of Cap'n Aux" you should be, as he was the second formation blogger to tell his story last week. Here's a taste: "Ask any pilot how they started flying, and you will hear a love story. From age 5, I dreamed of flying. Scanned the skies. Built model airplanes. Along with my buddy Alan, doodled WWII dogfights during math class. Thrilled at the occasional trip to the airport, and practically peed my pants to actually fly. To this day,… ( More...

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preacher1 2
Regards his flying and jet experience: "Oh, he may have dabbled with his own Cessna 182 during his brief twilight years, but it’s like trading the Supermodel for the cleaning lady." Several have told me I ought to get into something private, but I guess this is the most apt and concise description of how I feel that anyone has put in words.
Eric Auxier 1
Ha, I just came across this post by Dan of my blog. Thanks for posting it, Dan!

Thanks for the comment, Preacher1! Although I'm sorry to hear you feel that way! On retirement, I plan on maybe buying a float plane. I'm hoping this will keep the aviation bug satisfied, while providing a new, unique experience...though I fear I may feel just that way as well...the cleaning lady, lol!

Sorry if it feels like spam, John Public...but I hope you enjoy my work!
preacher1 2
I retired in 09 after 36 years. Did fill in/reserve and got heavy involved in a truckline I had a piece of. It sold a little over a year ago; my old employer bought a CRJ200 to go with their 767 and King Air. I went back on it 1st of the year, but in that off time, I got to likin' that back porch and sweet tea, as well as that 3 year old Grandson bounding out of the car, hollering PAWPAW, and running up and giving a big hug. That will trump the flying bug.LOL
randomguy 0
why do these formation blogging posts feel like spam?


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