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American Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing at LAX

Los Angeles, Calif. (KTLA) An American Airlines flight from Dallas to Orange County made an emergency landing at Los Angeles International Airport on Saturday, after it experienced a mechanical problem. The Boeing 737 landed safely at 10:30 a.m., according to LAX and American Airlines spokesmen. There were 162 people on board the jet, when it suffered a malfunction with a wing flap. ( More...

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lsh2429516 1
After spotting the trouble with the flap, "which helps control the speed of the plane"...

So... Flap is the only one that helps control speed hmm?


On Thursday, the airline grounded 48 of its Boeing "737s" for the second time in a week, to make repairs after seats became loose mid-flight on several planes.

I thought it was 757......

It is just funny to read article related to airplane that writer definitely spent zero time researching about it..
I was just about to say... That would be one packed 737 to try and put 162 people on... Shoddy writing that includes no research
lsh2429516 1
American Airlines Own Boeing 737-823; and according to the trusting website: it states that the maximum seating capacity of AAL 737-800 is 160... 2 people short.... Oh well


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