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Where are the world's longest airport walks?

World's longest airport walks : We've all been there: Arriving at the airport with not much time to spare and then realizing that you have to schlep what feels like miles to your gate, and with carry-on, no less. Be sure to leave extra time when visiting these airports. ( More...

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They forgot Detroit's McNamara terminal
kyle estep 1
Correct if you are going to the RJ gates at the end of the C gates. I'm guessing they weren't considering that. They were probably looking at just mainline flights and with the tram it's a short walk. Without the tram it's just over half a mile from ticket counter to either end of the terminal's A gates.
Not sure what their criteria for measuring were. KIAD is about 3/4 mile from C1 to D32 - technically different concourses, but it's structurally the same building. It's about the same distance from A1 to the end of the B Concourse.
A round trip at KSJC is 1 1/2 miles from Gate 1 - 28 and back .. Not sure of actual distance, but SFO, MSP, LAX and IAH have some good walks as well .. Once past TSA .. short ones would probably be KSAN - Gate 10 for SWA
pete gallegos 1
this happened to us 0ur flight was late getting to our connecting flight.


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