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Delta’s first 717 Makes an Appearance; First 737-900ER Due Soon

Delta’s 717 cabins will be configured with twelve first class (2-2), fifteen economy comfort (2-3), and eighty-three economy seats (2-3). DL will eventually take delivery of 88 of the planes–all subleased from Southwest/Airtran–with fifteen expected in 2013. Meanwhile, out in Seattle, DL’s first 737-900ER is believed to have taken to the sky yesterday operating as BOE801. ( More...

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How can anything age better then the DC9? 45 years still going strong? It's the B52 of commercial aviation
matt jensen 2
It won't outlast the 52's
Brilliant business plan!
ron swenson 2
I have to laugh when I hear that Delta is using the 737-900 to replace the aging 757's, 767's and A320's. My god, have those aircraft been around that long? I worked at Northwest when the A320 first came on line. Guess that tells you how I'm aging!
(v)e Same 2
Mad dog family forever lol. I'm glad they are still flying, but I really wish Boeing would look into that UHB thing from a few years back. They could squeeze out some amazing savings in fuel if they could finally work the bugs out of that idea, especially on short hops like the DL shuttle that just started up out west. Wouldn't it be cool to still see 717's flying in like 2040? Could have a competition to see who flies the longest, B-52's or DC-9 variants haha.
Funny I saw one of the 712's go overhead a week or so ago with a Delta symbol. It would take me forever to research it.
A318? Useless plane, they scrapped befor they turn 5! 319/320 bigger capacity, bigger $$$

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canuck44 7
They are not really acquiring scraps but jumping in to lever LUVs business plan fulfillment to their advantage. This should be a good deal for both parties and allows DAL to dump many of their fuel pig CRJs. Now I would agree that whoever buys those if going to be picking up scraps. These aircraft are undoubtedly better shape than all the DC-9s that NWA picked up.
Andy Tyler 5
the 717 is ages better than the CR7s, CR9s, and DC95s they're replacing.
Mike Harbour 2
Yeah, 'cause the scraps Allegiant is flying certainly isn't working for that carrier, huh?
matt jensen -2
MD83's aren't new either. If you're gonna get new a/c - then lease newer A318's - just about same capacity and better range.
JetMech24 3
A318's cant fly for 20+ years, unless you put new wings on them.
Andy Tyler 3
717s use less fuel than the a318 genius, plus they cost less. Almost nobody is using or wanting to get rid of A318s. These 717s really bother you don't they? The frames from airtran are less than 10 years old, the will fly for 20+ years, and you'll bet Delta will be running these planes into the 2030s.


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