Free Global Weather Now Available on FlightAware Flight Tracking Maps

Thursday, April 27, 2017 05:00PM
Last updated 20 weeks ago.

FlightAware announces the addition of free global weather information from EarthCast for all registered FlightAware users.

This unique integrated global weather imagery combines ground and satellite-based information to provide a new level of situational awareness for tracking any flight anywhere on the planet.

The composite radar image updates every 15 minutes and shows precipitation ranging in intensity from very light to heavy convective rainfall associated with thunderstorms.

FlightAware also offers professional weather intelligence data via DTN including EDR turbulence, icing, upper level winds aloft, lightning, global satellite imagery, volcanic ash, tropical storms surface fronts, and regional high fidelity radar. Premium weather is available for Enterprise WX accounts and FlightAware Global subscribers.


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