FlightAware’s Redesigned Flight Tracking Page

Monday, December 5, 2016 09:00AM
Last updated 41 weeks ago.

FlightAware is excited to announce our new flight tracking page, our largest redesign to the flight page in our 12 year history. We’ve kept all the same important content and mapping features as we spent almost a year re-designing it to be easier to understand and more usable.

We conducted usability studies in our Houston office and online with real FlightAware users across different industries to learn what information was most important. We worked to emphasize that information, and added new settings to let you tailor how you want to see it—for example gate times vs runway times, or ICAO airport codes vs IATA airport codes.

All-New Flight Tracking Summary Box


What's New in the Summary Box

  • Highlights and summarizes important information like "on time" or "Arriving about 45 minutes late"

  • Offers more detail to help identify the flight, like cities and countries of all airports

  • Uses traveler-friendly 3-letter airport codes by default
  • Uses logos for airlines instead of photos
  • Shows both versions of airline codes to help commercial travelers identify their flight

  • The progress bar shows gate-to-gate times for commercial flights, while general aviation flights retain the current takeoff-to-landing behavior

  • The width and layout of the summary box automatically scales to the size of your screen

  • More Dynamic and Configurable

    It's Up To You

  • The flight tracking page now has a slightly different layout for airline flight vs general aviation flights to show the most important things for the typical person tracking each flight. However, click the gear icon to change your settings if you'd always like to see the general aviation version by enabling "Aviator View."

  • Airline flights now show gate times by default whereas general aviation flights show runway times by default.

  • Better Than Ever

  • Prominently identifies both airport and flight delays

  • Lists estimated and actual taxi times

  • New photo scroller allows you to see multiple photos of an aircraft or a type of aircraft directly from the flight tracking page

  • New responsive design gives a tailored and consistent experience across devices

  • What’s next?

    We are continuing to develop and improve the flight tracking page based on your feedback, so we welcome any and all ideas that can help us improve it. We'll soon migrate the mobile web site currently used on mobile phones and allow mobile devices to access this new desktop/tablet version.

    Thank you for using FlightAware!

    FlightAware Development Team


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