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Squawks & HeadlinesHotel Wi-fi with Advertisement-injecting Code

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Hotel Wi-fi with Advertisement-injecting Code

Justin Watt, a Web engineer, was browsing the Web in his room at the Courtyard Marriott in Midtown Manhattan this week when he saw something strange. On his personal blog, a mysterious gap was appearing at the top of the page. The hotel’s Internet service was secretly injecting lines of code into every page he visited, code that could allow it to insert ads into any Web page without the knowledge of the site visitor or the page’s creator. (bits.blogs.nytimes.com) More...

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Robert Foster 3
I had that happen starbucks the guy was in the car on a laptop doing that to the people in starbucks
Robert Foster 3
You really need to respect the term unsecured wifi At a hotel at a coffee shop People can have full access to your computer and you don't know it Your files you log on passwords I find it hard to believe some pilot don't understand this And this is a good site to discuss this since it involves pilots
Fred White 4
As a pilot, I see about 200 nights a year in a hotel. I use the internet in 100% of them. Thanks for posting David, I didn't see this on Cnet or PCWorld.
jeff cowen 1
that is why i never use the starbucks wifi. you never know what kind of people are using it... also it is odd to see people video-chatting when i am trying to drink my coffee
Fred White 0
How desperate to make yourself relevant can you be? Funny, you post this and all I see are a bunch of irrelevant articles as far back as 2003 are. Hahaha....

Man, love the internet!
alistairm -1
THe articles are about internet security at hotels; therefore, they are not irrelevant.
Fred White 2
I don't wake up Alistair and start searching for articles about problems that I don't know even exist. I peruse the front page news sources just as I did here. This article I only found on Flightaware (without knowing to search for it of course) and it most certainly helps me out in my aviation travels

The list of articles that you want me to search out do not pertain to and are not relevant to the original poster's article. They are therefore, irrelevant to this discussion and the poster's article.

Sounds like a slow day for me and you.
alistairm 1
Okay, fair enough. Sorry, i live and breath computers all day and internet security is one of my specialties. I just did not think that this article was of any use. If you found it useful, i am happy. When ever you fly next, have a safe trip:)
Fred White 2
Hey, thanks! Cheers!
Markus Wolff 2
As a professional I have to be tactful & respectful, so with that said...THOSE COCKSUCKERS!
AIR CARD....................
mike green 1
Thank You
Al Graham 1
The amount of information gathered from each individual is tremendous .From baggage claim to internet checking at your hotel there is gathered over 1300 pushes on your movement ,and they are just getting started
Ole1 0
Good to know thanks .
Gerald Cashen -1
Google has been doing the same for years.
Marc Wester -1
I use Ghostery to prevent web scripts from collecting data. Yeah, some websites don't like it and if it's important I can whitelist the site. I find a typical website tracks your searches and browsing and sends the info to a dozen or more companies all in the background. The internet is NOT free.
Daniel Baker 1
What? How/when/where?
Gerald Cashen 1
Every thing that you look up is tracked by Google they use this information to target advertise. Im sure it is the same on other search engines. There is a large amount of info regarding this on the web & in the news.
Chip Hermes 6
This squawk is totally unrelated to what you're talking about.
Marc Wester -1
Oh and the FlightAware website collects and sends info to Google, Doubleclick, Quantcast and Scorecard research...
Chip Hermes 2
Just like I said to some other guy below.....this squawk is totally unrelated to what you're talking about.
alistairm -2
How is this related to aviation?
Daniel Baker 4
AIrplanes and hotels go hand in hand.
saso792 5
Airplanes and beer, airplanes and toilet paper, airplanes and tires, the list could go on and on.
alistairm -1
Daniel, that is a stretch. If i want to read about internet security, i will go to a site like CNET.
Toby Sharp 2
Alistair......dont open it if it doesn't interest you pal.
P.S. I like reading your comments, dont take this the wrong way
alistairm 0
That is the thing, i will open it just because i am curious as to what the article is about. Sure, airplanes and hotels go hand-in-hand, but they are not exclusive. Yes, it is an important subject matter. But i rather read about this sort of thing on CNET, not here. And yes, there are plenty of articles about internet security at hotels on CNET. Anyhow, no need to make a big deal out of nothing. Moving on.....
Markus Wolff -1
Alistair, I must offer to you that as an air ambulance pilot this is incredibly important to me as a pilot. My laptop is how I check weather, in addition to calling FSS, I use it for Fltplan.com, I use it to communicate with the company and fellow pilots. My computer has become an aviation tool. No I could go old school and just look up in the sky, lick my finger hold it to the wind, get in and punch the throttle, but with my luck Obama and his flight team will casually come by and drop flairs with the F-16's in which case I loose my license. Without quick access to a NASA report from my computer at starbucks, my next job could be at Walmart as the door greater. Respectfully Sir! Stay safe brother Airman.