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Op-Ed: Responsible Journalism and the Air Crash Du Jour

As a 20-year veteran of the A320 cockpit for a major U.S. airline, including the last 15 in the Captain’s seat, I have cringed at the utter misrepresentation of aviation facts often disseminated by news outlets and their self-proclaimed “aviation experts” endlessly paraded across the TV screen during coverage of the latest air disaster. Coverage of the tragic crash of Germanwings 9525 has been no exception. (airwaysnews.com) More...

Malaysian Radar Spotlighted in New MH370 Report

The recent release by the Malaysian Ministry of Transport of a Factual Information report on the MH370 disappearance has provided more detail about the failure of the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) air defense radar system to identify and track the errant airliner. However, the report by the Malaysian Annex 13 Safety Investigation Team does not specify the military radars involved, continuing a pattern of withholding sensitive defense information that was evident during government briefings at… (www.ainonline.com) More...

China reasserts 'two in cockpit' rule it already had

China's civil aviation authorities have again required that at least two crew members are in the cockpit of a flying civil plane at any given time, after Tuesday's deadly Germanwings plane crash. (www.wantchinatimes.com) More...

'These men are expected to be beyond human': pilot health warning

A Perth psychologist has warned more pilots are hiding their mental health issues from their employers for fear of losing their jobs. "I've seen a lot of pilots as clients in the past and they have to be super secretive about seeing a psychologist because there's so much stigma attached," said clinical psychologist Dr Sophie Henshaw. (www.watoday.com.au) More...

Australia introduces two-person cockpit rule

Australia has joined other jurisdictions including Canada and New Zealand in requiring two people to be in the cockpit of regular public transport (RPT) flights at all times. (australianaviation.com.au) More...

Mainland China's M503 route takes off amid protests in Taiwan

The M503 flight route was officially opened to commercial aircraft yesterday. Online flight tracking sites indicated that Dragonair Flight KA857 was the first aircraft to use the air route, flying from Shanghai en route to Hong Kong. (www.chinapost.com.tw) More...

Pilots' union to bolster mental health support

The New Zealand Airline Pilots' Association has approved a programme which will use trained volunteer psychologists to recognise and support mental health issues. (www.radionz.co.nz) More...

Air Force asks Boeing for prototype avionics for upgrade of Air Force One aircraft

Special aircraft experts at the Boeing Co., are moving forward with a project to upgrade important avionics subsystems aboard the nation's two VC-25A presidential transport aircraft, which when in operation are known as Air Force One. (www.intelligent-aerospace.com) More...

British airlines ordered to review safety procedures

British airlines have been told to review all safety procedues in the wake of the Germanwings airline disaster. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said it had contacted all airlines "to require them to review all relevant procedures" following the French Alps tragedy. (www.telegraph.co.uk) More...

Liability for Germanwings Crash May Still Rest With Airline, Insurer

The unusual circumstances surrounding the Germanwings crash won’t necessarily free the airline and its insurers from claims of negligence, aviation lawyers said. (www.wsj.com) More...

RAF prepares for attack by Russia with biggest air defence exercise in 30 years

The Royal Air Force (RAF) has launched its biggest defence exercise since the Cold War over the UK's skies in preparation for a mass enemy air attack on the country. (www.ibtimes.co.uk) More...

Airplanes still 1 of the safest methods to travel

In spite of some recent higher-profile airplane losses and accidents, flying still continues to be one of the safest strategies of transportation. (www.heraldrecorder.com) More...

Lufthansa Tragedy Reveals European Loophole Over Pilot Screening

Air crew at Deutsche Lufthansa AG and other European carriers haven’t been required to undergo repeated mental screening mandatory in some countries outside the region and depend instead on doctors uncovering a mental issue in checkups -- or on pilots themselves disclosing a condition. (www.bloomberg.com) More...

Boeing parks two American Airlines 787s in desert as it waits on delayed seat delivery

Boeing is reluctantly storing two new 787 Dreamliners in the California desert as it waits for French seat maker Zodiac Aerospace to catch up with delivery of its high-end seats. (www.bizjournals.com) More...

Bombardier resets CSeries debut to 2016 as timeline slips again

Canadian certification of the plane should come in late 2015, Chief Executive Officer Alain Bellemare said Friday after a shareholder meeting in Montreal. He said that will set the stage for a handover next year to the first customer, which Bombardier hasn’t identified. (montrealgazette.com) More...


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