Kinetic SBS-3

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Have a Kinetic SBS-3? Kinetic SBS-3 devices can connect directly to FlightAware without having to run a desktop application on your PC. Configure your SBS-3 via your PC and then it can feed to FlightAware. Simply follow the instructions below.

Have a Kinetic SBS-1? No problem, you can connect it to FlightAware via the Windows PlanePlotter app.

Step One

Plug your computer into your SBS-3 via USB and launch the BaseStation app, provided by Kinetic. Select the Settings drop-down and click Non Volatile Memory Settings....

Step Two

On the left side (highlighted in blue), enter an IP address, subnet mask, and gateway that is valid for your network and can access the Internet.

On the right side (highlighted in red), enter "5" for the retry time, an IP address of "70 42 6 200" and a remote port of "15000".

Kinetic Basestation Screenshot for FlightAware Sharing

Step Three

Check the three boxes highlighted in red.

Kinetic Basestation Screenshot for FlightAware Sharing

Step Four

Click Store Radio Settings and then OK
Kinetic Basestation Screenshot for FlightAware Sharing

Step Five

Unplug the USB cable from your computer and plug it into a USB power outlet that can power the SBS-3. Ensure an Ethernet cable is plugged into the SBS-3 and that you can successfully connect to your SBS-3 via BaseStation over your network. Once the Ethernet light has lit up on your SBS-3, it is connected to FlightAware, and you can register your receiver.

Not Working? Common problems

In order for your SBS-3 to connect to FlightAware via Ethernet, it must be powered by a USB power adapter and not plugged into a computer.

Early versions of the SBS-3 firmware did not support sending data over the network. Make sure you are running V119 of the SBS3 Firmware (or newer).

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