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ADS-B Flight TrackingADS-B Coverage Map

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FlightAware ADS-B Coverage Map

This map shows all active ADS-B sites as well as the average high-altitude coverage (200mi / 320km).

Many variables (e.g., antenna/receiver quality, installation factors, obstructions, etc.) impact the actual coverage. This map includes both FlightAware facilities as well as data submitted by feeder sites. For security and privacy reasons, the depicted positions of the sites are not exact. For more information on specific sites and the amount of data received, view FlightAware's ADS-B statistics including statistics by country and region.

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This map only shows ADS-B coverage and is not representative of total FlightAware flight tracking coverage.

Countries Represented on Map

AF flag Afghanistan AO flag Angola AR flag Argentina AU flag Australia AT flag Austria BH flag Bahrain BD flag Bangladesh BB flag Barbados BY flag Belarus (and Kaliningrad, Russia) BE flag Belgium BM flag Bermuda BA flag Bosnia and Herzegovina BR flag Brazil BG flag Bulgaria KH flag Cambodia CA flag Canada CL flag Chile CO flag Colombia CR flag Costa Rica HR flag Croatia CZ flag Czech Republic DK flag Denmark DO flag Dominican Republic EC flag Ecuador EG flag Egypt FI flag Finland FR flag France DE flag Germany GR flag Greece GT flag Guatemala HT flag Haiti HN flag Honduras HK flag Hong Kong, China HU flag Hungary IN flag India ID flag Indonesia IE flag Ireland IL flag Israel IT flag Italy JM flag Jamaica JP flag Japan KZ flag Kazakhstan LA flag Laos LV flag Latvia LY flag Libya LT flag Lithuania MK flag Macedonia, Republic of MY flag Malaysia MV flag Maldives MT flag Malta MQ flag Martinique MU flag Mauritius MX flag Mexico MN flag Mongolia NL flag Netherlands NZ flag New Zealand NO flag Norway OM flag Oman PK flag Pakistan PA flag Panama CN flag People's Republic of China PH flag Philippines PL flag Poland PT flag Portugal RO flag Romania RU flag Russia SA flag Saudi Arabia SG flag Singapore SK flag Slovakia ZA flag South Africa KR flag South Korea ES flag Spain SE flag Sweden CH flag Switzerland TW flag Taiwan TH flag Thailand TT flag Trinidad and Tobago TN flag Tunisia TR flag Turkey UA flag Ukraine AE flag United Arab Emirates GB flag United Kingdom US flag United States UY flag Uruguay VE flag Venezuela VN flag Vietnam CW flag ST flag SX flag

View more ADS-B coverage statistics including statistics by country and region.