Real-time Flight Status and Radar for All US/Canada Flights

Wednesday, April 6, 2016 05:00PM
Last updated over a year ago.

Hi from FlightAware,

After months of development, we released a large upgrade to our back-end flight tracking engine on Tuesday. Not only did the upgrade include dozens of bug fixes and flight tracking improvements, but we added a massive enhancement for US and Canadian flight tracking -- the flight status and radar data is now live with no more five minute delay! Previously, the US/Canada data feed contained a five minute delay in addition to our ~30 second processing time, but now all data is less than a minute delayed from real time. In addition to the general improvement, this yields a lot of additional benefits:

  • More seamless transition between RADAR, ADS-B, and MLAT positions

  • Flights will no longer transition from "Arriving soon" to "Arrived 5 minutes ago"

  • Fewer estimated positions due to delayed RADAR data

  • Now that the radar data in the US and Canada is real-time, we'll soon be enabling public MLAT data in the US, which is real-time just like our ADS-B data.

    Thanks for using FlightAware!