FlightAware Introduces Pre-Arrival Flight Alerts

Wednesday, February 22, 2012 08:30AM
Last updated 5 years ago.

FlightAware is announcing pre-arrival flight alerts, the latest FlightAware.com Flight Alert feature for passengers, pilots, airport operators, and everyone else tracking a flight. If you've setup arrival alerts on any flight (airline or private), FlightAware will now automatically notify you when the flight is 45 minutes prior to landing. For shorter flights, alerts will be 15 minutes prior to landing.

I need more notice to get to the airport! Can I receive a 90 minute pre-arrival alert?

Absolutely. Simply click "Advanced Options" on the flight alert setup page and select the time interval you'd like.

I work at an airport. Can I get a pre-arrival alert for all flights to my airport?

Yes. Click "Advanced Options" on the flight alert setup page, enter your airport code into "Destination", then click "Advanced Options" next to your email address and only select "Arrived".

If you need to filter alerts to only include general aviation or just airline flights, please consider subscribing to FBO ToolBox.

What kind of alerts are supported?

Pre-arrival alerts are sent to your email or pushed to your mobile device if you use a FlightAware.com mobile app for iPhone, iPad, Android, WP7, or Blackberry.

Where can I learn more about FlightAware Flight Alerts?

You can watch this video about FlightAware Flight Alerts or simply set one up today!

Thanks for using the latest innovation from FlightAware. FlightAware is the only free flight tracking service to offer pre-arrival alerts. Enjoy!