Cirrus SR20 (4-seat aircraft) crashes into Manhattan highrise.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006 03:06PM
Last updated 10 years ago.
A small aircraft crashed into a Manhattan highrise (524 E. 72nd Street) on Wednesday afternoon. The Cirrus SR20 aircraft was being flown by owner and NY Yankee, Cory Lidle.

CNN Photo

FlightAware reports that at 2:51pm EDT, NYC airports were indicating the following

Wind out of the East at 11 knots (13mph) gusting to 19 knots (22mph), visibility 8 miles, cloud conditions overcast 1500 feet, temperature 18C/64F, dew point 13C/55F.

Wind out of the East at 13 knots (15mph), visibility 9 statute miles, cloud conditions overcast 1800 feet, temperature 18C/64F, dew point 13C/55F.

The impact was on the 20nd floor, likely at an elevation of ~250-325 feet, over a thousand
feet below the cloud layer.

Flight Tracking Data
FlightAware is not aware of any flight track data for this flight yet.

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