FlightAware Android Flight Tracker App

Version 5.1.124 - Released December 10, 2015

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What's New:

  • Omnisearch allows you to simultaneously search for flights, tail numbers, airports, and cities
  • Add 2-column (Arrivals & Departures) mode to airport boards, with menu toggle for the classic 4-column (Arrived, Departed, Enroute, Scheduled) mode.
  • Database updates for airlines and airports
  • A few new airline logos
  • Add info to search widgets
  • Press back twice to exit
  • Bug fixes
  • Apply Material Design pattern
  • Drop Gingerbread support.

Key Features:

Free download, completely free to use

Full-screen flight tracker maps (with NEXRAD weather)

Track all airline flights

  • Flight Status
  • Gate/terminal information and changes
  • Delays
  • Cancellations
  • Find flight connections & status

Track charter, private, and GA aircraft

  • Flight Status
  • IFR route
  • Aircraft photos

See nearby aircraft flying overhead

  • Use GPS position to find your location
  • Zoom and pan around the world
  • Click on a flight for more information

Mobile push notifications and flight alerts

  • Estimated departure time with flight route
  • Delays/changes in departure/arrival time
  • Departure and arrival notices
  • Airport Delays
  • Gate/terminal information and changes

View your custom "My FlightAware"

View airport activity (arrivals and departures)

Facebook sharing

Worldwide airport delays and airport status

Search by:

  • Airline Name and Flight number
  • Route (city or airport pair)
  • Aircraft registration (e.g., N-number)


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