FlightAware Selective Unblocking of Blocked Tail Numbers

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If you are the owner or operator of an aircraft with a blocked tail number that prefers to keep the tail number blocked for privacy reasons but would like to personally be able to use FlightAware to access the aircraft's status and history, FlightAware offers selective unblocking so that you can maintain complete privacy and anonymity while selectively choosing friends, family, employees, and business associates allowed to track your aircraft's blocked movements with a username and password.

Tail Number Not Yet Blocked?

If you subscribe to this service for aircraft that are not already blocked, FlightAware will block that aircraft to any FlightAware user not listed on your application.

Required Proof of Ownership (Based On Type Of Registered Owner)

Corporation Or Similar Entity

Payment can either be made by a credit card with a billing address of of the company that the aircraft is registered to or a copy of the aircraft registration can be provided.

Leasing Company or Trust

A copy of the aircraft registration must be provided as well as documents that clearly identify the owner, lessee, trustee, or similar must be provided. Either payment must be made with a credit card with a billing address of registered owner or a signed letter of authorization should be provided.


A copy of the aircraft registration must be provided. Additionally, payment must be made in the name of the individual that the aircraft is registered to. Alternately, a letter of authorization signed by the owner (as registered).

Time frame

Requests may take two to three business days upon receipt to be verified and activated. Same-day or next-day processing is available by request.


If there are any questions or if you have an alternate form of payment or proof of ownership, simply call us.

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