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Gov't wants airlines to repay fee after losing bag

NEW YORK (AP) — You've already paid $15, $20, even $35 to check your bag on a flight. Then the airline loses it. You don't even get your money back. The government wants to change that, tackling two o . . . ( More...

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Chris Bryant 0
I'm normally not in favor of more regulation, but I think this idea is fair. I applaud Alaska and Delta for doing SOMETHING. If I'm paying extra for a bag, I think the airline has an obligation to get the bag on the correct flights.
Now, the passenger has some responsibility too, and that should be spelled out in any regulation. Something like you must check your bag no less than 45 minutes before scheduled departure.
You must remember that passengers are the enemy!!
John Gonzalez 0
The cost of delivering a misplaced piece of luggage may be $100 on average, however, that should be the incentive to reduce their cost by becoming more efficient at what they do. On the flip side, if I do not have the items I packed for my trip (not respective of what that trip is), I am the one that pays the penalty in worry, lost time in waiting and hoping it arrives on the next flight or having to fill out forms to get back what I started with.


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