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FAA cleares PW-4000 powered 777s to fly again

United Airlines said Tuesday that the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had cleared the return of the airlines’ Boeing 777s powered by Pratt & Whitney PW-4000 series engines... ( More...

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coinflyer 3
So what caused that engine to fail? What were the fixes mandated?
mbrews 5
Some info is available at this link

For other information on the web, use search terms United PW4077. Also view the FAA Ads

The failures of concern involved the type PW4077 engine, 112-inch diameter fan with hollow titanium fan blades.

AFAIK FAA action includes more frequent mandatory NDT inspection of the 35-pound fan blades.

I do not have info on whether there may be mandatory reinforcements of cowling or other engine parts
coinflyer 1
Thank you!
Jaime Terrassa 1
we will never get the truth
racerxx -2
This was already submitted


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