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Fighter jets were scrambled from Hungary and Romania for Turkish flight TK418 from Moscow

ISTANBUL, TURKEY — Although many airline operators around the world have suspended their flights to and from Russia, some carriers from neutral countries are continuing their flights to the destinations in the isolated country from the international community. ( More...

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jonchamps 14
Hungary and Turkey both have reasons for supporting Putin. Mostly down to their respective leaders being authoritarian wannabes like their hero in Moscow. India is sitting on the fence because it’s weapons supplier is Russia while it’s hated enemy is China and Chinese armed Pakistan. Countries like S Africa still see Russia as friendly because most of the anti-Apartheid governments ministers were trained in the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Same goes for Algeria, Mozambique, Angola, Namibia, and dozens more. Venezuela wouldn’t be where it is now without Russian FSB police and oppression training. Russian power has been pervasive and undermined democracies for 100 years - Putin is an extension of that. Many of you need to read and study the history of the past 200 years because much of this goes back that far. Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it. Those of us who do study history are doomed to stand by helplessly while everyone else repeats it.
Reno Zeno 0
In other words, based on your last 2 sentences, the world is doomed! 🥺
AWAAlum 3
Even outside of that posting, that's been pretty much established. Earth has an end date.
AWAAlum 2
A question from my uninformed position: Were the "intercepted" plane refuse to be escorted, what would happen?
rbt schaffer 2
Just keep supplying Turkish DRONES to Ukraine... Lots of 'em...
travistx 1
Swatting, airline style.
ADXbear -2
Any airline like Turkish airlines that won't side with the people OF the world against Putin, should be banned from serving all countries that have honored sanctions WITH NATO AND THE US.. This way you can be added to the Russian list, its time to stop pussy-footing around with any country that can see the terrible deeds of Putin.. I feel bad for the mainstream Russian people that are blocked from learing what their leader has been doing to Ukraininans .
Net Zero 16
You guys you have no idea about international diplomacy. War and Diplomacy are always go side by side. We ordinary people never hear or learn what happens on the table. Turkey is the only country who has close economic and politic relations with both Russia and Ukraine. That's why the diplomats of both countries are negotiating the peace in Istanbul today. NATO, Europe and the US needs a channel to speak to Russia behind the scenes. This chosen channel by the West is Turkey. Have you ever heard any western capital saying something negative about Turkey for staying out of sanctions? A big NO. So think a bit why.
Larry Toler 4
I wanted to mention that as well. You are absolutely correct on that. That is one of the reasons we have at least one base, if not more in Turkey. That goes back to the Soviet era. Icirlick was and probably still is a major base for us. I never went TDY there but my wife did a six month rotation in support of "tent city" they seem to set up quite a bit for NATO (mostly us USAF and Army folks). Back then it was for the no fly zone around Iraq after Desert Storm. There is a lot goes on in that area not just staging for Middle East Crisis but close to whatever Russia is doing.
Back to aviation, Turkey and Antonov have worked together on aircraft.
Larry Toler 3
The funny thing is, Turkey is also a NATO country, unless they dropped out and I missed the memo.
alex hidveghy 2
What’s also funny is comparing this to the first comment posted where the leaders of Hungary and Turkey are described as authoritarian and likely to support Putin.
While I agree about the authoritarian aspect, both countries are in NATO and Orban is well known for his anti-immigration stance, yet has taken in almost 500k Ukrainian refugees the past month. Strange world.
jonchamps 2
Turkish Cargo is running a huge amount of stock from the US to Eastern Poland. I gather you understand the significance of that?
Keith Brown 0
What does a fighter "escort" have anything to do with a bomb threat? What are they going to do? I was on a flight once, American Airlines DC-10 that got a bomb threat and we made an emergency descent and diverted to an airport only 20 mins from the destination, evacuated via the slides, got interviewed and fingerprinted by the FBI, and put on a bus for the rest of the way. But no fighters. Of course that was in the USA and back in the 80's, but I still don't get it.
Ron Powell 6
The commercial flight could be used as a bomb. I seem to remember such an event in 2001.
seacall2 2
No fighter jets *that you saw*.
I assure you, they were up there.


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